Who is Bad Chad Customs' Chad Hiltz's fiance Jolene MacIntyre?

Caption : Bad Chad Customs star Chad Hiltz

Chad Hiltz is a car artist, who is turning into a reality star this new year. The owner of Green Goblin Customs is all ready to appear on Discovery Channel's latest reality show, Bad Chad Customs, on the very first day of 2019. We present you Chad Hiltz's full biography, including information of his wife, fiance, and children so that you can know who Chad Hiltz actually is before watching him on TV.

Chad Hiltz discovered his love for cars at a young age

Chad was born on August 31, 1971, in Kingsport, Nova Scotia, Canada, and turned 47 in 2018. He was born to Patricia and Doug Hiltz, who owned and operated a gas station in the 70s.

He discovered his interests in vintage cars at a young age. All the old cars that drove into his father's gas station used to fascinate him while his uncle's 1956 Ford Crown Victoria was particularly his favorite during his childhood.

Chad Hiltz's annual event Rockabilly Weekend

At age 14, Chad was already driving his mother's 1946 Dodge to school. He got his first car, a 1934 Ford three-window coupe, at age 16. His father had sold a rare hockey card collection to buy the car.

After doing several jobs, Chad finally settled with his own business of car customization in the 90s. He has been operating the Canning-based Green Goblin Customs for a long time now and also been hosting an annual event called Rockabilly Weekend since 1998. During the event, car enthusiasts from all over the world come to watch his masterpieces as well as bring their own creations. 

Chad Hiltz has three children

Chad dropped out of school at age 16 after he became a father to a baby girl. He has, however, not disclosed details of the mother of his child. He started working a grain mill to make his family's ends meet. Meanwhile, he started learning auto-body at a local college. He left the college after getting into a fistfight. He also left his job at the grain mill, following which he started working at a chicken processing plant.

Chad Hiltz working on a car

He remarried at age 27 and began working on cars and also customized his mother's car. He, along with his second wife, welcomed a son named Colton on April 10, 1998. He divorced the baby mother and began pursuing his passion. He opened a car customization shop on an oceanfront property in Kingsport, where his new love Mandy Mosher joined him.

He became a father for the third time on August 15, 2004, when his girlfriend Mosher gave birth to a baby daughter named Harlee. He moved to Canning with his family in the mid-2000 and launched his car customization shop, Green Goblin Customs.

Chad Hiltz is currently engaged to Jolene MacIntyre

After splitting with Mosher, Chad began a relationship with a woman named Jolene MacIntyre. Chad got engaged to her girlfriend on August 12, 2017. Jolene broke the news of her engagement via Instagram by sharing a picture of her wearing the engagement ring. In the caption, she wrote, "I said YES!"

Chad Hiltz with his fiancee

Jolene is a Saint Mary's University alumnus and was a soccer player for the SMU Huskies. She graduated from SMU with a bachelor's degree in commerce. 

Chad revealed via Facebook that he is building Ralph Lauren's $40 million Bugatti from scratch for his fiancee. They have been sharing videos of their work progress on Facebook and Instagram.

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  • Jon

    Jon - Reply

    I enjoyed the show. You do really original work. I'm a native of NYC but also have a place up in NS.....as soon as I heard you talk, I looked at my friend and said, "That's Nova Scotia!" Loved you used a VW hood because I drive two '69 Karmann Ghias. ))
  • Joe Capirci

    Joe Capirci - Reply

    Chad, you do some mind blowing custom work. You have skills that are amazing. Keep doing what you're doing.GREAT JOB BROTHER! JOE
  • Blase Weisensewl

    Blase Weisensewl - Reply

    Congratulations on your engagement. I have a question for Chad. Would you be interested in buying a huge amount of early Model T parts cheap. It has to go,before it gets scrapped. I don't want it all to get scrapped,but now really don't have a choice/ Let me know if you're interested,I'd like to see you make something awesome from the parts. Thanks, Blase.
  • Larry teknus

    Larry teknus - Reply

    Hay Chad , love the cars you build and have been trying to find out on the internet if you have shirts for sale ? Bad Chad ? Green Goblin Custom ? Chad Hilts ? Where can i find them ? Thanks Larry 1930 Ford 5 window coup owner
  • Rod

    Rod - Reply

    Hi Chad Love watching your show I relate to the way you think I do same thing as a hobby I never get to seem to finish them before my crazy mind is dreaming up new ideas .....also family grand kids full time job etc. Anyway I really enjoy what you do love your crew and love the fact your all down to earth and real . Dont know if you have t shirts or a shop that sells your brand Bad Chad Customs..... if you do I will buy one of your shirts . Love the show stay real . Thanks Rod

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