Daniel Lissing debuts on When Hope Calls. Does this mean Daniel has a chance to return to When Calls the Heart?

Caption : Daniel Lissing and Erin Krakow

Daniel Lissing surprised When Calls the Heart fans, who are also known for Hearties, by debuting on the When Calls the Heart spin-off series When Hope Calls. More than three years ago, Daniel’s character Jack Thornton was killed off on WCTH. It was more heartbreaking when Hearties found out that it was Daniel’s own decision to leave the show. But all of sudden there is a rebirth of Daniel’s character although through different shows. Viewers are excited about Daniel’s return to the new show but at the same time hoping there is a possibility for Jack to return to WCTH as well.

Daniel Lissing's appearance on the next series after When Calls the Heart

Daniel Lissing and his character are back on television but instead of WCTH, the show is called When Hope Calls. Hearties, especially fans of Daniel and the character Jack, are excited to see him again on TV. We can say When Hope Calls will have many similarities with WCTH. But according to the media, Daniel only has a brief cameo scene, opposite Lori Loughlin.

Although the scene was short, it came with another good news. Daniel mentioned to the media that he is open to the discussion of his character’s return. So, if Hearies wants to see Jack on WCTH, then keep showing effort and love, there is a chance it could work.

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How did Daniel Lissing land on When Hope Calls?

Even after leaving When Calls the Heart for more than 3 years, Daniel’s fans and Hearties got lots of hope and faith in Jack to return from death. We guess the show made some deeply loyal fans. And they had their wish come true as Daniel’s debut on When Hope Calls hit the news.

When Calls the Heart cast

However, behind Daniel’s comeback, there is someone else who should get all the credit. It was Lori Loughlin's idea to have Daniel on When Hope calls. Lori called Daniel and asked him if he’d be down for this show and as this would make fans happy and excited, Daniel hilariously replied working with you again? Of course.

So, yes  Lori plays the main role for Daniel’s appearance on When Hope Calls.  Although there is only one scene of Daniel, it is worth it.

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Does Daniel’s character on When Hope Calls fit with his previous show When Calls the Heart?

When Calls the Heart and When Hope Calls airs on different networks so it is obvious for fans to worry if Daniel’s character’s storyline would be different. Daniel personally didn't give away any spoilers but he did say that he will play the character honoring his fans, show and When Calls the Heart’s other character’s storyline. Daniel is also confident that his brief return will be greatly appreciated. He recalled the time when the scene came to him and he read it, he said. It works for me in a great way. If you are worried then don’t be because according to him the scene is beautiful, does not affect anyone and we are sure that he did it in the right way.

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