Where is Discovery Channel's reality show Bad Chad Customs located? fiancée

Caption : Chad Hiltz working on a car

Bad Chad Customs is a brand new reality show which premiered on Discovery Channel this new year's day. The show follows works of car artist Chad Hiltz (Bad Chad) as he creates masterpieces out of scrap cars at his shop, Green Goblin Customs.

Who is Chad Hiltz from Bad Chad Customs?

Chad Hiltz is a car enthusiast from Canada who has been customizing cars for over two decades. The 47-year-old discovered his interests in vintage cars at a very young age. His uncle's 1956 Ford Crown Victoria was his favorite car during his childhood. 

Before starting out as a professional car fabricator, Chad did several jobs. He has worked in a grain mill and a chicken processing plant during his teenage and early 20s. 

Chad Hiltz with his fiancee

A father to three kids, Chad is currently engaged to Jolene MacIntyre. His fiancée is a manager at his shop. His eldest son Colton also appears on the show alongside builder Aaron and mechanic Alex.

Where is Green Goblin Customs located?

Originally hailing from Kingsport, Nova Scotia, Canda, Bad Chad started customizing cars in his hometown. He opened a car customization shop on an oceanfront property in Kingsport. He had to leave the place as the locals did not like the sound of his machines running day and night. The locals also complained that the car parts ruined the ocean view. 

In 2004, Chad moved to his new home in Canning, Nova Scotia, with his ex-girlfriend Mandy Mosher and their daughter Harlee. In the outskirts of Canning, he built his new shop himself and began working unrestricted. 

He named his new shop Green Goblin Customs and it is the same location where Bad Chad Customs is being primarily filmed at present. The show travels to various locations in Canada and the USA where Chad collects the beat-up old cars to customize. 

Bad Chad Customs star Chad Hiltz

Chad's new shop sits on a vast property where Chad hosts an event called Rockabilly Weekend, every year. In the event, which has been running since 1998, car enthusiasts from all over the world come to watch his masterpieces as well as bring their own creations.

In 2017, Chad built a replica of Ralph Lauren's iconic Bugatti from scratch and shared his work progress on social media. It was when he caught the attention of the producers and got signed for his own show. With the success of Bad Chad Customs, Hiltz is no longer allowed to earn money on the name "Green Goblin" due to licensing issues. The business is in the process of changing its name to Hiltz Auto Co. and has already launched official merchandise under the new brand name.

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  • Ray

    Ray - Reply

    Best new show on TV. Fantastic !!!!
  • thomas bushie

    thomas bushie - Reply

    I have a 1954 dodge regent that you may be interested in modifying. started to do some resto but my heart gave out. it,s a complete 4 door.
  • Dave Patrum

    Dave Patrum - Reply

    This is mine and my wife Carolyn 1st time watching you and have in loved your shows we watched all of them this Monday morning!! I was a race car driver I built mine from ground up and raced them !! I am 71 years old now so to old for that but it takes me make watching you and the guys I race in Wyoming!!! Keep the great work up !!! P.S. I wrote this I am his wife he does know it but the whole time he was watching this he was having a fitting over your work!! If you have a picture 1025 26th street N.W winter haven, Florida 33881 tks
  • Tony Swinimer

    Tony Swinimer - Reply

    I just seen your show on YouTube and have watched every episode so far . I really love the cars you have put out and can't wait to see what's next . I only live about an hour and a half away and would love to stop in sometime to see what your working on next . And if at all possible going to try my best to make it for the Rockabilly Weekend this year . Just an awesome show and keep up the great work .
  • Jim Sullivan

    Jim Sullivan - Reply

    The show is so different and so good at the same time. Hard to believe they can do that kind of work in that shop!!! How can I find a Tshirt?? Thanks

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