The inspiring life story of Dog the Bounty Hunter's son Wesley Chapman | Biography

Caption : Wesley Chapman, son of Duane Dog Chapman

Wesley Chapman might not be one of the popular children of Dog the Bounty Hunter star Duane "Dog" Chapman, but his life story is definitely the most inspiring one among his siblings. Chapman's mother is the second wife of his father. Read on for a short wiki/bio on Wes Chapman.

Dog the Bounty Hunter son Wesley Chapman inspiring story

Wesley Chapman

Wesley Chapman is the co-founder of one of the most exclusive communities in the world - The Human Gathering. Through his project, he has played a part in rescuing thousands of children from abuse in the last seven years. “We’ve worked with federal agencies to rescue children from abuse, among other things," said Chapman in his July 2019 Forbes interview. 

Hundreds of business icons, celebrities, philanthropists and artists regularly attend The Human Gathering’s private retreats. Founder of Twitch Justin Kan, American Idol famed Randy Jackson, Former President of The Oprah Winfrey Network Sheri Salata, The Office star Rainn Wilson and Nelson Mandela's grandson are some of the notable business leaders and celebrities that are associated with The Human Gathering.

Wesley founded A Human Project with his wife, Jodie Chapman. The foundation is currently run entirely through Wesley's own resources and donations from his wealthy, influential friends.

Wesley is not just a foundation leader, he is also a successful businessman. His companies are worth millions of dollars and he owns multiple patents, one of which was acquired by Harvard. He runs the business from his beautiful lakefront home in Northern Idaho, where he lives with his wife and two children.

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Family is the most important for Wes Chapman 

Wesley Chapman family

Chapman's property spans dozens of acres which has allowed the family to have three horses, five chickens and three dogs. 

"Nothing is more important than family. And this lifestyle enables my entire family to gather together whenever we like, in this incredible, serene environment," said Wesley.

The family man revealed that they are in the process of acquiring hundreds of additional acres for more exciting endeavors. Along with his wife, Jodie, Wesley runs a podcast called Life with the Chapmans. Wesley and Jodie are parents to two children, Chloe and Peyton. 

The couple celebrated their first wedding anniversary on August 27, 2019. "After 1 year of marriage and nearly 9 years of being together there isn’t anyone else I’d rather have be part of my gang than these 3," wrote Jodie on Instagram.

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Wes Chapman doesn't want his father's fame

Wesley Chapman and wife

You probably hadn't heard about Wesley's accomplishments until now. That's because he doesn't want to ride on his dad's coattails.  “His blood is in my veins. And that’s more than enough," Wesley said.

Wesley had a tough childhood growing up in Utah with his younger brother, James. The boys were raised by their maternal grandmother and were not allowed to communicate with their father. 

Wesley's mother, Ann Tegnell, is the second wife of his father. Wesley was born on November 14, 1980.  He has been an entrepreneur since he was eight. He began consulting Fortune 500 CEOs at the age of 19. 

The father and son reunited when Wesley became an adult. We'll be seeing more of the father son duo in the future hopefully. “My dad and I are getting ready to make a lot of noise and do some massive things. I’ve been working behind the scenes for so long. It’s time for me to let the world know what we’ve been up to,” he told Forbes. 

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