Who is Young and the Restless star Eva LaRue's daughter Kaya McKenna Callahan? Where is she now?

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With Eva LaRue joining the top CBS soap opera, Young and the Restless, her personal life has been getting more attention than ever. Having said so, her daughter, Kaya McKenna Callahan, seems to have gained huge attention from the audience. Here’s everything you need to know about the sensational celebrity daughter.

Kaya McKenna Callahan Wiki: Age, Parents, Birthday

Kaya celebrated her 17th birthday in the fall of last year. She was born on December 6, 2001, to veteran soap stars Eva LaRue and John Callahan, who are now divorced. She is the only child of both her parents. 

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Kaya’s mom, LaRue, was married to actor John O’Hurley before getting married to Kaya’s father, Callahan. LaRue later got married to Joe Cappuccio. 

Callahan, on the other hand, was married to a woman named Linda Freeman before LaRue and has not been married to anyone following the divorce with LaRue. Both LaRue and Callahan do not have any children from their other marriages. 

LaRue and Callahan began romancing after meeting on the set of All My Children. Callahan portrayed LaRue’s on-screen husband as Edmund Grey on the famous soap.

What is Kaya McKenna Callahan up to at present?

Hailing from New Jersey, Kaya has grown up to become an avid traveler. She has chosen a path different from that of her parents and has made a name for herself as an explorer and adventurer. 

As of 2016, she has been to 17 countries and the number is rising every year. She says, “I haven’t been everywhere yet, but it’s on my list! Not gonna lie, I feel like travel is the best classroom!” Kaya, along with her mom Eva, has been trying to combine their adventures with charitable outreach whenever possible.

She has been sharing about all of her travels online via an Instagram handle named Thru Kai’s Eyes. This account, which has over 6.5K followers, features her photographs from various parts of the world. Readers can also visit her official website, kayacallahan.com, for detailed adventure stories of this teen girl.

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She also has another Instagram handle, “kaya_callahan”, which is in a private mode, although she spends a ridiculous amount of time on social media.

On her website, she has described herself as a passionate activist. Apparently, she has been actively participating in campaigns that work against child marriage in the United States. She has even founded a campaign for this cause called #StillAGirlCampaign.

In 2015, she was invited to work as a backstage press volunteer at the Golden Globes after writing a tribute about late actor Robin Williams, which became popular. She also became a contributing writer to the Hollywood Foreign Press and Golden Globe website.

According to Kaya, having her article published in Teen Vogue is the most exciting part of her short writing career.

She is also a cheerleader for her school’s varsity team. When she is not busy with her homework, she loves practicing for her cheer team.

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Who is Kaya McKenna Callahan’s boyfriend?

Kaya seems really passionate and enthusiastic to share stories of her adventure but the same can not be said about her when it comes to sharing details of her personal life.

Kaya has kept her personal life away from fans and media. 

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Fun Fact #1: She has described her relationship status on her website as: “Lover of the Yankees and all things Derek Jeter.”

Fun Fact #2: She was Miss Jr. Teen California 2015 at 13 years old and 3rd runner up in Miss Jr. Teen America. 

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