Everything you need to know about Kevin Mack and his disappearance from Counting Cars? What is he doing today? What is his net worth?

Caption : Kevin Mack from Counting Cars

Kevin Mack is one of the incredible and talented TV personalities who stars on the reality series, Counting Cars. Kevin received much love and fans following over the years from the show. So, when they suddenly noticed his absence from the series, it became huge news all over social media. Viewers are angry with the history channel and Counting Cars as they have something to do with it but more than that they are genuinely worried if Kevin is alright or not. Let’s get clear on What actually happened to Kevin Mack? Will he come back on the new season of counting cars? How much did he earn from the show?

What really happened to Kevin on Counting Cars?  Did he get fired from the show?

Kevin Mack from Counting Cars

As some of you might already know Kevin has been missing from the show for a while now. To the audience who are new about this, what happened was Kevin is a regular cast member of the counting cars and when viewers tuned to watch the new season, they found out that there was no appearance of him. 

It was shocking to everyone but more got more interesting because Kevin was still promoting the show on his social media. The situation raised many questions about what happened to him and why Kevin was not on the counting cars but the main one was if he got fired.

Few fans went to Twitter and directly asked him if he is no longer working with the company and show anymore for which Kevin replied saying he’s still here. The rumor of Kevin not appearing on the show was just starting to slow down but soon when they began to watch another episode, Kevin was still nowhere to be seen. Still, after all this, Kevin did not address anything about his absence but told people to watch it.

Is Kevin still on Counting Cars?

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The above explanation assures that there is no negativity, fights, or cold war between Kevin and Counting Cars. It just must be personal to Kevin for his career. Although some sources say Kevin's absence was only because of a scheduling conflict however we can only hope it’s true.

Unless Kevin or the history channel itself confirms officially,  we are still going to be unclear about why Kevin is missing from the show. Kevin’s social media profile on the other hand still says he is working for counting cars so we think it is just a break for Kevin. To get more updates on Kevin, find him on Instagram as  @mackdaddylv

Kevin Mack short bio and age; Who is his family? When did he join Count’s Kustoms?

Kevin Mack and cast of Counting Cars

Kevin was born on 23 July 1959 in LA, California. He grew up in a  business family. Although he has a business family background he always had a love for cars and automobiles. It could have been just a hobby for him when he was a kid but as he became old it became his passion and created a full-time job. Kevin’s actual career began when he joined the Count's Kustoms team in 2016 as a general manager. Then the shop landed him on the reality show, Counting Cars. Kevin is also a very good friend of the producer of the show, Danny. Kevin and Danny have been friends for more than two decades.

If Kevin is away from the TV then he must be hanging out with his family.  Kevin is happily married to the wonder woman in his life and they have one child named Devin Mack. Kevin’s son has surely inherited some interest from him as he turned out to be a professional racer.

What is Kevin Mack’s net worth?

Kevin Mack from counting Cars's net worth

Kevin’s income mostly comes from the Count's Kustoms shop where he works as a manager and from the show, Counting Cars as he stars in it. However, these two are totally related to each other so it does not make him work in two jobs. Kevin is fortunate not only to work on something he is passionate about but also the wealth he earns from them. According to our sources, Kevin’s net worth is approximately $1 million. 

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