Is Misfit Garage new season cancelled? Here are the updates on Misfit Garage Season 7

Caption : Misfit Garage cancelled?

Fans are awaiting Misfit Garage's new season in 2019. The show is still to be renewed for Season 7. Read on to know if Misfit Garage is cancelled and more updates on Misfit Garage cast and release dates.

Is Misfit Garage cancelled?

Tom Smith and Thomas Weeks

There is currently no news whether Misfit Garage has been renewed for Season 7 or cancelled. The last season of the series aired in 2018. Misfit Garage Season 6 debuted on the Discovery Channel on May 2, 2018 and aired 13 episodes in total.

We'll definitely keep you posted on all things Misfit Garage. Stay tuned to know if Misfit Garage is cancelled or coming back for Season 7.

Where is the Misfit Garage cast?

The main cast returned for the sixth season in 2018. Thomas Weeks, Tom Smith, John Klump and Josh Paris are the stars at Fired Up Garage, who set out to become the top hot rod shop in Texas.

The cast of Misfit Garage had their start on Richard Rawlings' Gas Monkey Garage in Dallas. Thomas Weeks and Scott McMillan set out to build their own shop after leaving the famous garage. Tom Smith and Jordan Butler joined later on. If the show does come back for Season 7, all of these main cast members will likely make a comeback.

Misfit Garage's Tom Smith

Tom Smith will be making an appearance at the Motorama Custom Car & Motorsports Expo in Toronto. He will be available for a meet and greet on all three dates of the event; March 8, 9  and 10.

Misfit Garage Season 7 release date

All of the previous seasons of Misfit Garage premiered on the Discovery Channel sometime in spring. So, if the show follows the scheduling trend, it is likely that we will see the new season by spring 2019. That being said, Misfit Garage Season 7 has still not be officially announced and we're yet to know if the show has been cancelled.

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  • Bertus

    Bertus - Reply

    I agree with you that Discovery always had great shows on car / bike building, but i only want to say that since Edd China has left "Wheeler Dealers" ( another Discovery automobile show), that show really went downhill. That show was always an interesting show to watch, how Edd managed to detect en repair some problems, showing how he did that; it caught my attention to keep watching till the end. But without Edd China, Wheeler Dealers completely suck.
  • John Cole

    John Cole - Reply

    Please please please bring back Misfit Garage. Those guys are the best. And no one can build or paint a car like John Klump
  • Darrell Elmore

    Darrell Elmore - Reply

    Please bring BACK misfit garage. It's better than gas monkey
  • bob unger

    bob unger - Reply

    they keep stupid ass shows like road kill and kill the good shows that are funny and fun to watch eversince motortrend this took over they and disc channel just stink if the do bring it back the jerks will put it on line only ....still dont think fast and loud will ever be back its been what 2 yrs
  • Brian

    Brian - Reply

    We here in Australia have had only 4 season's when are 5 6 coming. Great show that's the only reason for me staying with Foxtel. Plus to watch fast and loud Richard and his band are great . Both shows are great viewing.
  • Steven chsaston

    Steven chsaston - Reply

    Bring back the show please when ever something really good comes a long like this show they get cancelled i hope this isn't true
  • Paul J Miller

    Paul J Miller - Reply

    Please bring misfit garage back it is a big hit

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