What Happened to Roger Cook? Updates on health issues, This Old House new season 2019, cast

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Roger Cook's health issues has prevented him from appearing on This Old House new season episodes. Read on for updates on Roger Cook's health, This Old House season 40, and This Old House cast in 2019.

Roger Cook health issues reason behind This Old House Season 40 absence

Fans noticed that Roger Cook was absent for much of the new season of This Old House. He was also visibly ill when he appeared on This Old House season 39. The previous premiered on PBS on October 12, 2017 and ended on June 2, 2018.

Cook has addressed his health issues. The famed landscape contractor wrote an open letter to the fans on the official This Old House website in June 2018. "Some viewers may have noticed that I haven't been myself over the last season. In fact, I have been dealing with several health issues that have made performing on television more difficult," wrote Cook.

This Old House cast

He added,"As a result, I've decided to reduce my role on This Old House and Ask This Old House so I can focus more time on my health and my family. I may appear occasionally on our shows, but you'll also see other landscaping professionals helping with out many projects."

This Old House new season cast updates

This Old House kicked off its fortieth season on October 6, 2018. The cast includes the master carpenter Norm Abram, landscape contractor Roger Cook, general contractor Tom Silva, plumber Richard Trethewey, electrical contractor Scott Caron,  landscaper Jennifer Nawada Evans, mason Mark McCullough, builder Jeff Sweenor, painter Mauro Henrique and home technology expert Ross Trethewey.

45 Replies on What Happened to Roger Cook? Updates on health issues, This Old House new season 2019, cast

  • Allison Truman

    Allison Truman - Reply

    I wanted to let Roger know he is in my prayers. I have always enjoyed watching him on TOH. I saw him this evening on TOH. I just wanted to let him know I am thinking of him.
  • Gregory Williams

    Gregory Williams - Reply

    I have been an avid viewer of TOH since the beginning with Bob Villa and have learned quite a bit in many areas. Roger cook has been fantastic in showing people everything in landscaping from how to trim your trees and bushes to altering your soil to grow grass or have a vegetable garden. On one episode this past year Roger did a segment on skin cancer and mentioned he has had it too. Skin cancer is something everyone must look out for, especially if they spend as much time outdoors as a landscaper does. I noticed that Roger seemed to have back problems last year an fear that he may have had a recurrence of his skin cancer. I pray that if this is so, his doctors can again remove it or put it into remission.
  • Julia Mccusker

    Julia Mccusker - Reply

    really miss Rodger Cook. He is the best of the best !!!!!!. My prayers are with you and your family.Hang in there.
  • Todd Edwards

    Todd Edwards - Reply

    Keep on keeping on Roger! Miss seeing you on toh. Hang tuff

    CARL BRICKEN - Reply

    Love all of your segments good to see you recently.
  • Landis Brewer

    Landis Brewer - Reply

    Miss you Roger. Hope you are better soon. Your decision was the right one, dont know your problems but family is always the right decision. Love you buddy Best of luck Landis Brewer, Arkansas Age 70 I'm a lifer with the show
  • Tom Darrow

    Tom Darrow - Reply

    Roger, just know you have been really missed and it is good to see you on the new shows that are currently on in May 2019. Please take care of your health.
  • Doug Macrae

    Doug Macrae - Reply

    hope you doing well
  • Marilyn Ulrey

    Marilyn Ulrey - Reply

    Enjoy This Old House. Miss seeing Roger Cook. Trusting he is doing better and that we will soon be seeing more him.
  • maureen wolf

    maureen wolf - Reply

    I hope Roger is doing good, miss seening him, pray for a good recovery

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