Who is Storm Logan? What happened to him on The Bold and the Beautiful?

Caption : Storm Logan

Bold and the Beautiful shocked fans with the revelation that Storm Logan is Flo's father. Fans will remember that Storm is Brooke Logan's brother who died. Read on to know what happened to Storm Logan and how did he die on the Bold and the Beautiful.

What happened to Storm Logan on Bold and the Beautiful?

Storm Logan is Flo's father

Here is a short history on what happened to Storm Logan for the newer viewers who might not even know who Storm Logan is. Storm Logan is the older brother of the Logan sisters. He first appeared in 1987. The role was played by actors Ethan Wayne, Brian Patrick Clarke and lastly William deVry. Storm was always overly protective of his sisters and mother as their father Stephen Logan had abandoned the family. 

Storm Logan died protecting his sister, Katie. His character was killed off in around 2008. He was smitten with Ashley Abbott and after she broke things off with him, he showed up at her house with a gun! Katie feared that he might shoot Ashley, so she went to stop him. As she struggled for the gun, Storm accidentally pulled the trigger and shot his own sister. It was revealed that Katie would need a heart transplant to survive, so Storm shot himself and Katie received his heart.

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Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers: Storm Logan is Flo's father!

Katrina Bowden as Flo

In April 2019, it was revealed that Storm Logan is Flo's father. Flo and Wyatt had a DNA test done to find out who her father was. Everyone was shocked to know that Flo is related to Storm Logan. Which means, she and Hope are cousins!

The baby swap drama is still in full swing and Flo is nowhere near to telling the truth to Hope. Instead, she may be joining Hope at work very soon. Now that they are family, Hope wants Flo to be a part of the family business, which does not help Flo's guilt at all. Her mother, Shauna, on the other hand, sees the benefit in keeping the baby swap a secret. 

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