9News reporter Liz Kotalik is no longer working for Denver TV | Where is she going?

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In 2021, we have already heard of many reporters and anchors who have left their job. Liz Kotalik is one of them. Let’s find out why she left her job and when she left the station. Is she working for another station? Also what could be the reason for many journalists leaving their job this year?

When did Liz Kotalik leave the station? Her last day at Denver TV

After reporting and anchoring for almost 10 years, Liz is departing from the news biz.

June 19, 2021, was her last day at 9news Denver. It was also her last day in the news industry. She went to Instagram to give this shocking update. 

Liz is extremely honored to work with incredible journalists from Tucson to Phoenix to Denver. She also mentioned that she will always feel lucky to be a part of a newsroom filled with honest, dedicated, and always humble people. 

What is Liz Kotalik doing now? Her new job?

Liz Kotaik is already involved in a new career. Her new job is not related to the news. Liz is working with a restaurant group now. She decided to leave the news industry in order to serve as PR manager at a powerhouse local restaurant, Bonanno Concepts.

Her new professional move came after a lot of thought and self-reflection, she says. She found out the news industry was a tough place, especially in the past few years, and it was making her feel more exhausted day by day. It’s not that she was not proud of what she did but it was time for her to move on with a new career.

At first, she thought it was crazy for her to start a new career outside of the news. However, she is ready to focus on food and fun. Liz cannot wait to share her crazy journey on social media.

Who is Liz Kotalik’s husband?

Liz recently got married to Ryan Haarer who is also an American Journalist like her. They even used to work for the same station. The couple got engaged in August 2018 but their wedding got postponed because of Covid -19.

Liz Kotalik and her husband

Nevertheless, nothing stopped Liz and Ryan this year. In March 2021, the couple tied the knot and celebrated their beautiful wedding ceremony at Uptown Phoenix, Arizona.

Liz Kotalik wedding

Liz has shared every special moment of their wedding on her Instagram. Her Instagram handle is @lizkotalik if you want to see more pictures of their wedding.

What is the reason behind the journalist leaving their job this year?

We are reading lots of news about journalists, reporters, meteorologists, and other employees leaving their jobs who work in the news industry. Although each one has their own personal reason to leave, it is no coincidence. We heard that the pandemic created a challenging time for the industry and following that over years it squeezed the salaries of many journalists.

Former news weathercaster Marty Coniglio also said that the journalist is not making money as the viewers and media think. He added there are lots of school teachers who make more money than people on-air. This could be the main reason for the increase of journalists leaving television news and their profession. If this is the reality of the business then we think the number might start increasing.

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