Who Is AGT’s Jimmie Herrod’s Boyfriend Ruslan Kamalov? Are they together in 2021? Relationship updates

Caption : Jimmie Herrod boyfriend

Portland singer Jimmie Herrod is one of the finalists of America’s Got Talent. He rose to fame after appearing on 16 seasons of the show. Although he didn’t win the show he won many people’s hearts. His fans and followers are increasing rapidly day by day and are questioning every detail about his life. Currently, they want to have a close look at his relationship. After going to his social media, Instagram, we found out that Herrod is dating and has a boyfriend named Ruslan Kamalov. Although Kamalov has a low-key profile we gathered as much information that’s available. Keep reading to find out. 

Ruslan Kamalov short bio and education

Ruslan Kamalov

Ruslan Kamalov is a Russian guy born in approximately the year 1985. As of 2021, he is between 35 or 36 years old.  Kamalov has several educational degrees. He studied English language and literature in high school, obtained a master’s degree in international relations and affairs. Then again did a bachelor’s in tourism and travel services management and Hospitality Administration/Management. He also holds an associate’s degree in business administration and management and recently in 2020 got certified from Medcom/Trainex for certificate and documentation.

Along with the Russian language, Kamalov is fluent in French, German, and Mandarin.

Is Jimmie Herrod gay?

If you think you have confusion about Jimmie Herrod’s sexuality because he is dating another guy then it is because he is gay. Herrod and Kamalov, both are homosexual/gay and are dating each other for a while.

Herrod is open about his relationship and sexuality but it has not been simple as it seems for them. Herrod once also told the interviewers that it was not easy growing up as a gay black guy. 

Jimmie Herrod’s and Ruslan Kamalov relationship in 2021

Jimmie Herrod relationship

Scrolling to Herrod’s Instagram pictures with Kamalov, the couple looks very happy together. The two love taking short trips. In May 2021, Jimmie shared a lovely selfie of him and his boyfriend when they went on vacation. He captioned the picture, ‘San Francisco, it’s been short and sweet’. See you tomorrow Portland.

He also went to Instagram to tell their followers that the love bugs are vaccinated in 2021. They look very cute together. 

It is quite unsure when the two started dating. It has not been a long time since we started to see Russian on Herrod’s social media.

Check out more of their pictures from Jimmie’s Instagram. His Instagram handle is @jimmie_herrod. He has more than 33.2 k followers there. Ruslan is also founded on Instagram as @lerouxderussi but his account is private. He does use Facebook too. His Facebook account is @Ruslan Kamalov.

How did Jimmie Herrod become a finalist of America’s got talent; How old is he?

Jimmie won the Golden buzzer when he performed in the famous reality show America’s got talent. It was Sofia Vergara who marked him her Golden buzzer contestant for the season. His voice and performance impressed all the judges which earned him a big standing ovation. Although he did not win the show he made a powerful image on people. If you look at his Instagram his bio now says @Agt season 16 finalist, America’s Got Talent Golden Buzzer Winner.

Jimmie is also a permanent member of ‘Pink Martini’ and currently he is touring with the club in several countries like the US, Canada, and Europe. At only the age of 30, Jimmie is living many people’s dreams.

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