Things you didn't know about Chad Hiltz's Bad Chad Customs! Facts on cast, location, Season 2

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Is Chad Hiltz and the rest of Bad Chad Customs cast returning for Season 2? Want to know the Green Goblin Customs location? Read on for a definitive guide to everything Bad Chad Customs.

Is Bad Chad Customs Season 2 happening?

Chad Hiltz working on a car

Bad Chad Customs recently wrapped up its first season. Currently there are no news whether the show is getting a Season 2. But seeing how the fans have welcomed Chad Hiltz and the Bad Chad Customs cast into their hearts, it won't be surprising if Bad Chad Customs does get a Season 2. We'll keep you posted on news about Bad Chad Customs Season 2. Stay tuned!

Green Goblin Customs location

For those wondering where Bad Chad Customs is filmed, the show centers on the Green Goblin Customs garage in Canning, Nova Scotia. For the exact location of Green Goblin Customs, look up Highway 358. The show also features other places in Nova Scotia as Hiltz and the cast services local clients.

Bad Chad Customs cast

Colton Hiltz with father Chad Hiltz

You may be familiar with Chad Hiltz, the face of Bad Chad Customs, but the show wouldn't be as brilliant without the rest of the Bad Chad Customs cast.

Hiltz is joined by his son, Colton. Raised by his mother, Colton had limited time with his father growing up. Now he works full time with Chad as his apprentice, carrying on his father's legacy of creating jaw dropping custom cars.

The garage is run by manager Jolene MacIntyre, who also happens to be Chad's fiancee. They got engaged in August 12, 2017 and have been together for over three years now. Builder Aaron Rand and mechanic Alex Gould complete the Bad Chad Customs cast.

Stay tuned for more updates on Bad Chad Customs Season 2, Chad Hiltz and the rest of the Green Goblin Customs team on Bad Chad Customs cast. 

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    Bad Chad show very entertaining!!! Surely hoping it returns for many more seasons.

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