Brazilian soccer player Hulk leaves Iran Souza, wife of 12 years, for her niece

Caption : hulk with ex-wife and girlfriend

The Brazilian soccer player, Givanildo Vieira de Souza, aka Hulk, is being highly criticized, as of late, after initiating a relationship with the niece of his ex-wife, Iran Angelo de Souza. Hulk and Iran Souza parted way in July this year. Here’s a detailed bio of Iran to help you know her from close. 

Hulk and his ex-wife, Iran Souza, were married for 12 years

Iran Souza caught the public’s attention after getting into a relationship with the Brazilian footballer. As she has spoken very little about her life before fame, details like her age, birthday, family background and education are still under review. 

Born and raised in Campina Grande, Brazil, Hulk played for Brazil for just one year, following which he went to Japan in 2005. In Japan, he played for various teams like Kawasaki Frontale, Consadole Sapporo and Tokyo Verdy.

Hulk met Iran in Japan while visiting a Brazilian restaurant there. They dated for a couple of years and finally tied the knot in 2007. The exact day of their wedding is not known but it is reported that the two had lived together for 12 years as husband and wife before they separated in July 2019. 

hulk with wife and sons

Following the split, Hulk’s Instagram handle (@hulkparaiba), which has over 2.7 million followers, has been clear of all the pictures with his ex-wife. Meanwhile, Iran’s Instagram profile (@iran_angelo), which has more than 214K followers, was switched to the private mode for a short time following the revelation of Hulk and her niece's relationship. 

Two years after tying the knot, Hulk and Iran became parents for the first time when their first son, Ian, was born. The couple’s second child is a boy too, named Tiago and their last baby is a daughter named Alice. Ian is 10, Tiago is 8 and Alice is 6 years old at present.

Since their parents’ split, the kids have been dividing their time between their mom and dad. The kids are currently enjoying their time with Iran.

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Who is Iran Souza’s niece Camila Souza?

The Shanghai SIPG player Hulk confirmed his relationship with Camila in December 2019. The 33-year-old player began dating the niece of his former wife in October last year, merely three months after splitting from his wife. 

Apparently, Hulk and Camila had been keeping their relationship a secret from their family. The player’s spokesperson said that Hulk revealed the relationship to his children and Camila’s parents and brother during the week of Christmas. 

 Iran Angelo and Camila

Hulk said in a statement that he has nothing to hide after making the information public. Meanwhile, his representative said, “It’s in his position to be transparent, to avoid lies and malicious comments. Remember the Brazilian’s marriage ended in July and Camila was also separated for many months.”

According to the Brazilian press, Camila was Iran’s favorite niece. Both women used to post photos of each other on social media sites wishing each other for the best. Following the revelation, 31-year-old Camila deleted her original Instagram handle and launched a new one on December 26.

On her newer Instagram, Camila has shared several pictures of her aunt Iran, along with Hulk. In this particular post, Camila wrote, "I acknowledge that I was wrong. I have sinned a lot and the regret has burst with my heart. Betrayal is always an act of cowardice and weakness. It turns out that no one is immune to this petty and nasty monster. I cheated. I fell into the webs of temptation and became a less capable and undoubtedly ashamed person. I have committed the cruelty that shames any defect, any characteristic, any belief. And I lost you that I love so much! 😭😭😭😔😔☹"

Camila also apologized to her aunt on Instagram. She wrote, "Aunt Iran, I first want to tell you that this message is not an explanation or justification of anything. I needed to come here to tell you some things that, unfortunately, circumstances do not allow me to say personally. Although it is irrelevant to you right now, but I love you very much and care about you, so I am speaking here."

Iran Angelo has not responded to any of Camila's posts.

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