Chuck Parker and his girlfriend Amelia Tyree expecting twins. Are they married in 2021? Who is Amelia Tyre?

Caption : Chuck Parker and his girlfriend Amelia Tyree

Chuck Parker from Street Outlaws and his other half Amelia Tyre have some good news to share in 2021. The couple is adding new members to their family. Chuck’s wife/partner, Amelia is pregnant with not one but two babies. She will deliver twins in early 2022.  If you are not familiar with Amelia Tyree then keep reading to find out where she is from and what she does for a living? Also, get updates on her baby's gender and baby bumps.

Who is Amelia Tyre? Her bio, parents, and education

Amelia Tyree is a 25 years old fashion icon, model, and style symbol. But she mostly got recognized in media after dating Chuck Parker. Amelia was born in 1996 to her parents David Tyree and Beverly Tyree. She grew up with two siblings named Amanda Ginch and CeCelia Tyree. The Tyree family did reside in Oklahoma City but they are natives of Tulare, California.

Talking about Amelia’s education, she went to Vici Junior-Senior HIgh school. For a higher degree, she goes to study at Southwestern Oklahoma State University and Oklahoma State University. According to her profile, besides modeling, she works at Forest Valley Veterinary Clinic.

Amelia is pregnant with Twins; What is the gender of her child?

Chuck Parker and his girlfriend Amelia Tyree

After keeping secrets for months about her pregnancy, Amelia finally spoke about it. According to Amelia, she and her husband, Chuck planned for only one but got blessed with two. She went to Instagram to share the news and uploaded a picture of herself flaunting her baby bump. The fans and flowers of Amelia and Chuck are as happy as them for the big surprising news. 

To everyone who was wondering if she is having a boy or girl then the answer is identical twin girls. Amelia and Chuck also did a huge gender reveal party with their family and friends. Check out more pictures of the gender reveal of Amelia’s twin from her Instagram. The parents looked amazing and happy that day and she has few comments on her post saying she is going to be the hottest mom.

Amelia also went to her Facebook to give a new update on her pregnancy to her followers. On September 21, She posted a black and white picture touching her belly with the caption: Bump Update! We are a Lil over 22 weeks now.

Is Amelia married to Chuck?

Amelia and Chuck's relationship got heated after the couple started to post about one another on their social media. They started to get noticed together even more and fans started speculating if they were an official couple.

If we are not wrong then it’s been several years since Amelia and Chuck got together. Amelia goes to all of Chuck’s races to support his team. In 2019 he posted two pictures of him and Amelia with the caption, "I wouldn’t want to do this without my best girl by my side. Thank you Amelia Tyree for all that you do for the team! Tyree’s reply was Thank You, love."

With her partner, Chuck, Amelia also became part of the show, Street Outlaws.

Amelia and Chuck may not have revealed anything about their marriage but according to the sources they are officially husband and wife in 2021.

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