How is Dave Nessia from 'Alone' doing now? What happened to him?

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If you are following the American television show ‘Alone’ then you might not have missed Dave Nessia and his near to death health condition.  Dave lost over 40lbs in the course of 73 days when he was on the show. Although he was strongly optimistic about his health, the show did not like to take risks and removed him. If you want to know details on what happened to him, then keep reading. 

What happened to Dave Nessia from 'Alone'?

Dave Nessia was medically evacuated in Season 3 of 'Alone'. Yes, Dave had much less time on the show than we expected. He did not eat anything and starved himself all the time. He got around 33 fish fillets stored up but still, he decided not to take any. 

When he should have thought of eating something to gain strength, he was worried about having no food in another month.

Dave did mention that his body was starting to adjust from starving but what he didn’t know was that his brain was shutting off slowly.  He physically and mentally starved himself almost to death.

Later, Dave explained he was planning to eat half of a fish every day but his plan did not work for him. It was an emotional moment for the viewers and his fans to watch him taken away.

Dave was among the final three people left in the end. He could have even won if he didn’t take things too far.

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How is Dave doing now? His health updates

Dave did acknowledge his mistake at least. It was all because his ego was trying to be a hero, he says. He was brutally pissed when he got pulled from the show. But he did not realize how weak he was until he saw the mirror at the hospital. His thin and weak face said everything.

However, he is proud of his journey and the outcomes. Dave even went to his personal Facebook account to explain his progress and awareness of his situation.

Dave appreciates everyone’s love and support. In fact, he is more than overwhelmed by the positive comments and responses he received. To get much better, he decided to step away from social media for some time promising to be back soon.

If you want to follow Dave online, then you can find him on Instagram and Facebook. His Instagram handle is @davenessia, and he goes through Dave Nessia on his Facebook.

It looks like he also has a YouTube channel, but it is not active currently. 

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Why did Dave want to be part of 'Alone'?

Dave went out there for many reasons. He needed to learn, grow and test himself. He found this opportunity to show people that they can be comfortable with land by doing things they never thought of. 

Although the cast earns big prize money from the show, money was not the first thing that attracted him. He said that the cash was only a secondary bonus.

Overall his experiences from the show made him feel alive and he has no regrets. As a matter of fact, Dave is hoping to continue his mentorship with land as he has a lot to learn.

Dave Nessia is one of the most proficient and committed cast members of 'Alone'. He loves doing outdoor things like camping, learning edible plants, and one-match fires. He recognized his interests when he was only 8 years old. And he is still obsessed with learning and teaching survival skills. 

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