Erin Krakow's new photoshoot sparks rumors that she could be leaving When Calls the Heart in 2022. What are fans expecting on WCTH Season 9?

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Fans of When Calls the Heart a.k.a. Hearties are so active on social media that when they see any new or even the smallest thing about the show, it will trend everywhere. A similar thing happened when Erin Krakow, who portrays Elizabeth in the show, shared something on her Instagram. When Calls The Heart star Erin Krakow got her fans excited and happy with just a picture which could not be about the When Calls the Heart at all. We cannot even see what’s exactly happening in the photo but from there rumors started that she could be into a new movie or show which means she has to be leaving WCTH. Let’s get into details on Erin Krakow’s photoshoot and what she is doing.

Is Erin Krakow teasing her fans with a new photoshoot?

On Nov 15, Erin decided to have fun with her fans by sharing a photo of her photoshoot on social media. Although the picture is only behind the scenes, her followers cannot believe they are getting this surprise. Take a look at the photo that she posted to tease her fans on her Instagram.

Krakow may not say anything in the picture but she did give a small hint by captioning it “dream team” along with “coming soon.“

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What could be Erin's photoshoot for? Her new project?

Erin’s followers did admit that they have no clue what's going on but there were several guesses and rumors. They are continuously trying to know what the photoshoot could be for. Some say it must be Erin’s new movie or hoping it’s a sequel whereas others say it might be just a photoshoot for some project which may not be related to TV or movies. 

Whatever it is, everyone is just glad that they will get to see her more and it makes their heart happy. 

After uploading that picture, Erin has not updated any information about the photoshoot which is why her fans could not do anything but patiently wait to hear more from her soon.

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Is Erin leaving When Calls the Heart?

Erin loves and cares deeply about When Calls The Heart and all the people involved in it. 

Erin plays Elizabeth, one of the lead characters of the show. She recently completed Season 9 of WCTH and throughout these years, she has always been candid with her fans. Whenever there appear any rumors about the show or her character, instead of ignoring it she has always taken to social media to make things clear to fans. So if Erin decides to leave WCTH one day, her fans would directly hear from her.

Is Erin’s character still in a love triangle? What to expect in season 9? Season 9 BTS

After the whole love triangle between Elizabeth, Lucas Bouchard, and Nathan Grant, Elizabeth is now completely in love with only one man. Elizabeth and Luas are an official and special couple for season 9. Fans of WCTH are calling the newly formed couple Lucabeth. 

The onscreen couple is having as much fun behind the scenes too. In fact, looking at their social media, they are enjoying and having an absolute blast. Chris shared Lucas and Elizabeth’s candid photo with some poses on his Instagram in September.

WCTH stars Chris McNally and Erin Krakow

Back in November, Erin gave a hilarious cute boomerang of two on her Instagram. Hearties calls the picture and video blessing and something they never knew they needed.

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