Things you didn't know about Gabriel Hogan aka Peter Morris from 'Heartland'

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Gabriel Hogan, who plays Peter Morris in your favorite family drama, is often on the news for his relationship with Lou in 'Heartland'. But do you know who is he married to in real life and who his wife is? Here we bring you all interesting facts and truths about Gabriel Hogan and his on/off-screen marriage and his wife. Also, get updates on the returning of 'Heartland's new season.

Who is Gabriel Hogan from ‘Heartland’?

Gabriel Hogan is a Canadian actor, known for Peter from the hit TV series 'Heartland'. Along with heartland, he is also known for his role in Canadian hit dramas like Traders and The Associates. 

Hogan was born in 1973 in Toronto, Ontario. The actor celebrated his birthday on 17 May and this is how his wife wished him, mentioning him as best husband, best dad, best at making her laugh.

Gabriel has 49.5k followers on his Instagram and goes through handle @hoganfilm.

Gabriel Hogan’s family acting history

Acting has always been a family business for Gabriel. Because his parents Susan and Michael Hogan, both of whom accomplished as Canadian actors. And even his older sister Jennie Rebecca Hogan who is currently a personal trainer used to be an actress. Given the family history, it’s not surprising he followed his family’s footsteps and earned a qualification in acting.

Who is Gabriel Hogan married to? His real-life wife. Where are they now?

Gabriel is married to a boss lady Inga Candranel who is also an actor like him. But along with acting, she is also a writer, producer, volunteer, and mom. Looking back at Gabriel and Inga’s pictures together, they look more like best friends than a husband and wife. And they also have two children, a son, and a daughter, whereas his son Ryder enjoys playing hockey just like his father.

Gabriele Hogan wife

Hogan’s family is living in southern California and he admitted having difficulties managing two children as both he and his wife are away for work. However, the couple spends their free time with their children and visiting other family members.

Gabriel Hogan’s Future Plans and Side Hustle

Along with his talent in acting, he aspires to do other things as well. According to our sources, Hogan is working as a scriptwriter, and one day he wants to direct his movie. On the other side he also already co-owns a casting company which will be a plus point if he ever decides to direct a movie. Along with that, he is also a passionate musician and likes to create music with his passionate singer wife.

Gavriel Hogan as Peter Morris on 'Heartland'

In Season 2 Episode 13 of 'Heartland', we come across Hogan’s character as Peter Morris. Peter is Lou’s ex-husband and they share two children Katie and Georgia. Hogan describes his character as easy-going and pleasurable to play and their complicated relationship brings a new story every time.

But after their divorce, we started to see Peter less frequently on the show.

Peter’s relation with Lou on Heartland

Gabriel Hogan Heartland

In the beginning, Peter started as Lou’s secret boyfriend and later got married officially. But after only a few years into their marriage, they decide to separate. The main reason for their divorce was Peter rarely being around the family and often away on business meetings.

In the newest season 14, we see Peter developing feelings for his ex-wife, while helping her through difficult situations. What do you feel? Do you want to see them together again?

What is Gabriel Hogan’s net worth?

Gabriel’s main source of income is acting and he has landed roles in several TV series and over 45 movies. This results in his net worth being around $2-$4 million.

'Heartland' returning for a new season. Season 15 updates

For Heartland fans, we are happy to announce to you that Heartland will indeed be returning with Season 15. According to the ‘Heartland’ producer, the new season will have a total of 10 new episodes and will air in October of 2021.

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