Is Lola Rosales (Sasha Calle) leaving The Young and the Restless?

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Lola Rosales (portrayed by Sasha Calle) arrived in Genoa City in September of 2018. Kyle was smitten by her right from the time he saw her. They even began dating despite hinderances from Lola’s family and Kyle’s ex-girlfriend Summer and went strong for quite some time but they recently broke up. Things became worse for the two after Lola was recently brutally attacked by someone and was left for dead. Viewers are worried that this could mean the end for the young Rosales but is Lola really leaving Young and the Restless?

What happened to Lola Rosales on Young and the Restless?

Lola’s life has been on a downward spiral ever Summer Newman returned to Genoa City. Lola had sworn that Summer’s arrival would not get to her but she proved herself wrong. She ultimately broke up with Kyle after throwing multiple temper tantrums at him. 

Kyle is still in love with Lola and wants to fix everything between them but Lola did not want to give their relationship another chance. Kyle even requested her to spend Valentine’s Day together in his family cabin but she denied.

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However, Mariah and Jack convince Lola that Kyle has been trying his hardest and Lola agrees to show up at the cabin. Unfortunately, she ends up seeing Kyle and Summer embracing and she leaves before hearing Kyle tell Summer that nothing can happen between them.

Upset Lola goes to Arturo and Abby to tell what happened between her and Arturo. She then heads to Mariah, who had encouraged her to meet Kyle. While returning to the Abbott house, a woman in heels knocks her to the ground, hitting her on the head.

Things get worse when disoriented Lola tries to get up and falls in the pool beside. She nearly drowned but luckily, Kyle rescues her. He pulls her out from the pool and discovers she’s unconscious. Kyle phones her family and rushes her to the hospital immediately.

Kyle Abbott accuses Summer Newman of drowning Lola Rosales

When Lola’s brothers Rey and Arturo are informed of her condition, they turn on Kyle and accuse him of going after Lola. Confused Kyle insists that he’s innocent. Instead, he accuses Summer of drowning Lola. 

Kyle knows that Lola can be stubborn and even selfish at times but she does not have a long list of haters. She’s well-liked by everyone except one and only Summer Newman.

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It’s obvious for Kyle to connect the wrong dots as he already believes that Summer is trouble and only causes pain. His recent argument with Summer gives him one more reason to believe that she is indeed the attacker.

Spoilers tease that this way Y&R is trying to gain some sympathy for Summer. It’s true that Summer has caused a lot of drama from the time she’s returned to town but having her suffer a bit could lead the viewers to soften towards once manipulative Summer.

The Young and the Restless Spoilers: Mia Rosales is the real attacker!

While the blame game continues between Lola’s brothers, Kyle and Summer, no one has any idea that the attacker could be someone close to Lola and her family, like Mia. She is on the safe side as everyone is busy figuring out who could have a grudge with Lola. They don’t know that Lola was not even a target in the first place.

In case you’ve missed it, Mia had an intense altercation with Abby recently. Mia then headed to her home to get more drunk. Mia must have sneaked into Kyle’s home to take revenge on Abby as she lives there too. Mia ends up hitting her sister-in-law as Abby had lent her coat to Lola.

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In case Mia is to blame for Lola’s current condition, she will definitely keep quiet because this damage will cost her way more than she could imagine. She is on the verge of losing everything.

She has already lost her shot at repairing the damage with Rey after calling out his brother Arturo’s name while making love. It’s obvious that she would lose Arturo forever too when he will find out she’s the one to put his sister’s life in jeopardy. Also, Arturo will never forgive anyone who tries to harm Abby.

Will Lola Rosales survive this brutal attack?

Previous spoilers of Y&R teased that Lola would find herself in trouble. Now, it looks like the trouble is really serious and dangerous. 

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Kyle discovered Lola near death and rushed her to the hospital as soon as possible. However, Lola’s fate is not known. Neither the actress nor the soap has not shared any words on her departure so far. So presumably, Lola will wake up soon.

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  • Ann W

    Ann W - Reply

    Now were guaranteed that Mia"s pretend pregnancy will be drawn out for the next 9 months. Oh why do I watch??? Everything is dragged out for sooo long on this soap!
  • LaRhonda Outlaw

    LaRhonda Outlaw - Reply

    Let Mia go to JAIL now, with gasoline drawer on. With her non pregnant ASS.
  • Teresa Howell

    Teresa Howell - Reply

    I really enjoy watching Lola and Kyle they make a very good couple I hope she stays on the show please please
  • Sylvia

    Sylvia - Reply

    Please leave y& then is so boring with Kyle an Lola story we all love summer and kyle
  • Millie Vega

    Millie Vega - Reply

    Kyle and Lola make a great couple. I hope Lola doesn't leave. She is one of the very few Latinos on the show, so hope she is not let go as they do with Latinos on all these soaps.

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