Ty Pennington has a new HGTV show, Battle on the Beach release date

Caption : Ty Pennington new show

For anyone who is seeking entertaining and aspirational home and lifestyle content, the upcoming TV show Battle on the Beach is just for you. Ty Pennington, who has worked alongside some incredible talent is now taking over HGTV’s competitive show in 2021 and he is not alone here either. Keep reading to find out the cast of his new show Battle on the Beach alongside Pennington. Also, find out what the show is about and when it will premiere. 

Ty Pennington starring in Battle on the Beach with other TV stars

Ty Pennington new show

Ty Pennington is starring in a new HGTV brand new show in 2021 called Battle on the Beach as a mentor. Along with Pennington, we have Taniya Nayak from Restaurant Impossible and Alison Victoria from Windy City Rehab who will have their own teams.

The mentor's role on the show is to advise and train their team members to renovate attractive beachfront properties but they cannot get involved practically.

Ty Pennington says the new show is challenging 

Battle on the Beach was much more of a challenge for Pennington than any of the other TV stars. Unfortunately, Pennington happens to have a team with zero experience in flipping which would make any other mentor difficult to make their team understand so we think the same has happened to him too.

When things don't go as planned, it could get bad results and Pennington might face some bad news as well. Well, all we can do is wait for what happens and wish Pennington and his team all the best.

Battle on the Beach 2021 Premiere Date: When will it start?

Ty Pennington

Mark your calendars because Battle on the Beach is coming very soon. It is set to premiere on July 11th at 9/8c on @hgtv and @discoveryplus.

Though the mentors might be competitive on the show, they are definitely on good terms. Here's a selfie Pennington uploaded on his Instagram along with mentors Taniya and Alison and they look like they are ready for it to premiere as we are.

What is Battle on the Beach about?

The six-episode series Battle on the Beach is the new house renovation competition show which follows three teams of house flippers in Alabama. The series follows three teams where they renovate beachfront properties to impress pair of judges Mike Holmes (Holmes and Holmes) and Mina Starsiak Hawk (Good Bones).

We can assure you that you will definitely enjoy this friendly competitive show very much and the one who is a home reno enthusiast surely wouldn't want to miss it at any cost. 

Among three skilled teams, the ones whose renovations and design choices add the most value to the beach houses will also get crowned a winner. Guess what the winner will get.

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Battle on the Beach winner prize

One of the teams who win the new show will get $50,000 for their next project, and bragging rights for being the best of the best. That's a big deal for any unknown designers who are appearing on HGTV for the first time. Now we’ll just have to wait and watch to see who will take the prize home.

While only one team can be a winner, after working with professional stars, the other team members will surely learn a lot and who knows what they have in their future.

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