What happened to Beth's cousin Zoe from This Is Us? This is Us cast 2019 updates

Caption : Zoe on This is Us

This is Us returned on January 15, 2019. Read along to know what happened to Beth's cousin, Zoe, and who plays Zoe on This is Us.

What happened to Zoe from This is Us?

Zoe first appeared in the Season 2 finale when she was the photographer for Kate (Chrissy Metz) and Toby's (Chris Sullivan) wedding. In Season 3 episode 1, we find out that Kevin (Justin Hartley) and Zoe (Melanie Liburd) got into a relationship.

Melanie Liburd as Zoe

Beth (Susan Kelechi Watson) warns Kevin that Zoe is a "man-eater" and will end up hurting him. But Kevin's feelings are unaffected and he asks her to visit Vietnam with her to investigate his father's past. Zoe opens up to Kevin about the sexual abuse she went through at the hands of her father. They almost break up after Zoe moves in.

Who plays Zoe on This is Us?

British actress Melanie Liburd portrays Zoe in This is Us. You may recognize her from the Netflix psychological thriller series Gypsy where she portrayed Alexis. In 2016, she appeared as Nyx Harper in the Canadian syfy series Dark Matter. That year, she also guest starred as a Red Priestess in an episode of Game of Thrones. She is also known for her role Ivy Dexter on the Fox legal comedy The Grinder. 

What's next for Zoe on This is Us?

Melanie Liburd shared her thoughts on what's next to come for Zoe in an interview with Variety. On Kevin and Zoe's relationship, she said, "She just understands and pushes him to do that and encourages him to do that, and he encourages her to open up and face her fears, which I think is great. It's a very adult relationship."

Zoe and Kevin on This is Us

She revealed that she'd love to learn more about Zoe's interests in the upcoming episodes. "I would love to see what made her happy as a child, rather than have it be so clouded by what happened to her  - what made her laugh, and her relationship with Beth, and how she learned to trust people again after being left by her mother in Beth's house."

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