Where is Bree Louise now after TikTok channel shut down? 2020 updates

Caption : Bree Louise

TikTok has made itself a huge app. With millions of users from around the world, the video-sharing platform was the second most downloaded app in 2019. The platform has made stars out of young and talented creators like Charli D’Amelio, Chase Hudson and more, leading them to get signed with various talent agencies as well. Meanwhile, many established celebrities are also considering TikTok as an effective medium to promote their work.

TikTok is surely an entertaining app where one would spend hours without really tiring oneself. Having said that, we should also note that the app has been misused by many people wanting to make easy money. One such TikTok user was Bree Louise, who got removed from the platform in late 2019 while on the verge of garnering nearly 1 million followers.

What actually happened to Bree Louise on TikTok before her page got deleted? Here’s a Bree Louise bio/wiki to help you know everything about this infamous TikTok star. 

Why was Bree Louise’s TikTok and Instagram removed?

Bree witnessed huge success as a TikTok star in a short time. She had more than 970K followers on the platform before her account got deleted in December of 2019. 

TikTok is widely popular among teenagers. So presumably, Bree getting removed from the site was due to the types of contents she uploaded there. Perhaps some parents or offended TikTok users might have reported Bree’s page. 

In late January 2010, Bree spoke out about the matter on her Instagram story. She wrote, “Just wanted to address this!!! NO I DID NOT EVERRRR POST NUDE VIDEOS ON TIKTOK AT ALL.”

“My original acc with 970K was taken down because of breach of guidelines for inappropriate content apparently but the videos “breaching guidelines” were either just me lip syncing to songs with swear words (songs that were legit a trend on there) and random videos (like of my snake…..or dog….or just me lip syncing). My stiff was just getting reported so many times so that’s why my acc got deleted. I never posted nude content on tiktok. [sic]”

Bree was removed not just from TikTok but from Instagram as well. Her Instagram handle, @breebabydance, which boasted over 110K followers, also got banned last year.

Bree has made a comeback on both social media sites. Her new TikTok account, @breelouisexoxo, is free from offensive posts and features more of her singing chops. Meanwhile, her new Instagram account, @breebabydance, has no posts yet. However, Bree has another Instagram account @bree_louisexoxo where she posts regularly.

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Bree Louise Short Bio: Age, family, parents, relationship

Bree has shared very little information about her. Once while answering a fan’s question on an Instagram story, Bree revealed that she was born on September 4, 2001. On her social media, she has said that she is a native of Childers, Queensland, Australia. 

A Reddit user who claims to have studied the same high school as hers stated that her real name is Breanna Johnson. According to that Reddit comment, Bree attended Bundaberg State High School in Bundaberg South, Queensland. Bree has not shared any information related to her family, parents or relationship.

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