What happened to Christy Kern? Why did she leave News 4 Buffalo?

Caption : Christy Kern

Christy Kern announced her departure from News 4 Buffalo and called it a bittersweet decision. Though Christy was already missing from the show, nobody expected her absence would lead her to leave the job. If you want to find out about her absence and reason to leave the station then keep reading. Following that, we also provide you with her health and family updates.

What happened to Christy Kern? 

Christy, who was absent from Buffalo news for a few months, explains her mysterious disappearance. Sadly Christy got infected with covid-19 and had symptoms like shortness of breath. Because of her health condition, she could not be on screen.

Though after feeling slightly well she tried to return to work. It wasn't as easy as she thought. Sources said that it was becoming difficult for her day by day, which made her decide to leave the station.

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WIVB’s Christy Kern announced her departure from the station

Christy exiting WIVB was one of the most difficult decisions of her life as she was part of the WIVB team since 2016. She said goodbye to everyone with a  lengthy captioned post regarding her departure on her Instagram and let the viewers know how thankful and honored she is. Her last day at the station was on Tuesday, June 22.

In her own words, she mentioned that it was apparent for her that her body was not keeping up and that’s how her decision to leave the show took place.

Plus considering her health condition, it was very nice of Channel 4 managers to allow her time to recover and also supported her big decision to leave the show.

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Christy Kern’s health updates

The good news is that Christy is feeling much better now after taking a few months to recover. However, this doesn't change her decision to come back to the station. She on the other hand feels extremely beyond fortunate for all the time and opportunity she had while working for WIVB.

As much as she has been a part of our days, she said we have been a part of her days too.

Christy’s personal life: Is she married? Who is her husband?

Christy Kern husband

Christy is a married woman. She lives with her husband, Ben, in Western New York. Christy and Ben were best friends before Ben proposed and after that, they had a huge wedding with their 9-10 bride and groom maids. Their wedding took place in winter in December, as you can see from the picture Christy was a beautiful winter bride and they will be celebrating their 6th anniversary in 2021.

Christy Kern’s news journey 

Christy Kern is a former anchor and reporter who had been anchoring the 4 p.m. newscast since its inception five years ago and the 6:30 p.m. newscast for three years. She joined the WIVB team in March 2016 as the solo anchor and also helped launch the station’s 6:30 pm. newscast.

She is an Orchard Park native who loves to write and tell stories.  When she was a senior at St. Bonaventure University, she received the Koop Award which is awarded to students with "promise in the broadcasting field.”

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