The Young and the Restless Spoilers: Mia Rosales confesses to Paul | Suffers from a medical crisis

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Mia Rosales (Noemi Gonzalez) has been able to keep her secret from all for quite a long time. But it seems like her bad time is starting real soon as she finally confesses her crime to Paul Williams (Doug Davidson). What will be Lola’s reaction when she finds out that her sister-in-law is the one who put her through life and death situation.

Lola drops a bombshell on brother Rey Rosales

Sharon and Rey go to Las Vegas so Sharon can keep her mind off Adam Newman. Rey has no idea what Lola will tell him when he gets a call from her. To his surprise, Lola exclaims that Mia was the one who attacked her at the Abbotts’ house pool.

Rey is surprised to learn that Lola now knows the truth rather than the fact that Mia was the attacker as he was the first to discover Mia's truth. Rey realizes that things are much worse when Lola tells him that her other brother, Arturo, covered for her.


Lola insists Rey come home as soon as possible. Rey agrees and disconnects. He feels guilty for keeping the secret from her sister as he discusses the matter with Sharon. 

He finds himself in a dilemma as he worries about Sharon. He fears that Adam might show up after he leaves but Sharon persuades him that she will be fine and asks him to believe in her. Rey finally leaves, following which Victor shows up.

Victor talks to Sharon about his difficult relationship with his son, Adam. Sharon understands Victor’s feelings but urges him to let her try alone. Victor agrees to keep a low profile and leaves. Right afterward, Sharon receives a text from Adam with an address to meet.

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Lola and Arturo have an argument at Society

At Society, Lola tells Arturo that she has informed Rey about him and Mia. She is really upset at her brother for lying to her. Meanwhile, Arturo is worried that Lola might go to the cops. 

Lola tells Arturo that she won’t involve the cops as Mia is pregnant, for which Arturo feels grateful. Abby joins the conversation and assures she will keep quite too for the baby. 


The conversation takes a different turn when Rey joins in. Rey reveals that he knew the truth of Mia and admitted to getting Arturo involved as an alibi. 

Lola is broken while Abby storms off. 

Mia Rosales suffers a health scare as she prepares to leave

Meanwhile, Mia has a nightmare that Paul Williams and an officer come to her place to arrest her. After waking up, she starts packing and just as she was about to leave, Paul actually arrives. 

Paul Williams and Mia Rosales

Paul asks Mia about her alibi, Arturo, when he notices Mia’s suitcase. He asks her if she’s going somewhere and encourages her to tell him the truth. Anxious Mia blurts out that it was an accident. She doubles over with pain in her belly as she finishes confessing to Paul.

At Society, Rey receives a call from Paul that Mia’s been taken to the hospital. 

Stay tuned to find out what happened to Mia.

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