What happened to Moses Winters (Dax Randall) on Young and the Restless? Where is he now in 2019?

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Moses Winters had been out of The Young and the Restless canvas for a really long time now. So, when he came back this year, a lot of viewers were so excited and confused at the same time. Obviously, the old-time viewers of Y&R remember him well but the same cannot be said of the new viewers as he hasn’t made any appearances over the years.

Moses Winters returned to Genoa City for his father’s funeral

Moses was born on screen on October 11, 2011, to Neil Winters (late Kristoff St. John) and Sofia Dupre (Julia Pace Mitchell). Moses is the youngest kid of Neil, but technically, he is the only son of Neil as Devon Hamilton is Neil’s adoptive son and Lily Winters is Malcolm (Neil’s younger brother)’s daughter. 

When Moses’ mother - Sofia Dupre - first came in 2010, she was the fiancée of Malcolm. During Malcolm’s absence, Neil and Sofia became good friends. Later, Sofia got married to Malcolm but she gave birth to Neil’s baby, Moses. Malcolm ended his marriage with Sofia after the revelation of the real paternity.

dax randall (moses winters)

Neil then married Sofia so that they could raise their son together in a proper family. However, the bliss could not last for a long time and they divorced in just two months. Following the divorce, Sofia left town and took Moses with her. 

Moses, who made occasional visits over the year, recently returned to town to attend his father’s funeral. Along with Moses, characters like Malcolm Winters, Lily Ashby, Drucilla Winters, Ashley Abbott, Hilary Curtis, Sofia Dupre, Leslie Michaelson Shelby, etc. returned this time to pay their respect to their co-star.

shemar moore as malcolm winters

Y&R mentioned the heart-breaking death of Neil Winters on April 23’s broadcast. In the following episode, Dr. Nate Hastings revealed the cause of death as a massive stroke. 

In real life, Neil’s portrayer, actor Kristoff St. John passed away due to hypertrophic heart disease.

Meet the real life family of late Kristoff St. John!

Where is Dax Randall now in 2019?

After Randall debuted on Young and the Restless in 2016 and left the show, he has appeared in a couple of hit TV shows. 

In 2018, he made a guest appearance on Netflix’s The Joel McHale Show. Then in November of that year, he appeared in the role of J.J. Williams on Grey’s Anatomy Season 15 episode Flowers Grow Out of My Grave. 

dax randall in grey's anatomy

This year, shortly before returning to Young and the Restless, Randall had appeared in an episode of FXX romcom drama series, You’re the Worst. He appeared in the role of Charles on the February 13’s episode entitled This Brief Fermata.

Talking about Randall’s personal life, the young actor has revealed very less about himself. While details of his age and mother remain obscure, he has once mentioned his father on his Instagram. His father is Josh Randall, a proud dad of three adorable sons.

dax randall with his father and brothers

Randall has two brothers, Aiden Randall and Quinn Randall, who is also an occasional actor/model. All of the Randall brothers are active on Instagram and their handles are filled with each others’ adorable pictures. On Instagram, Dax has mentioned that he wants to become a marine biologist in the future while his brothers want to become tech innovators. 

The kids share an amazing bond!

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