What happened to Roger Cook from TOH? Where is Roger Cook from This Old House in 2019?

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Roger Cook revealed in 2018 that he had been having health issues, following which he had very few appearances on This Old House's new season in 2019. Keep on reading to know what happened to Roger Cook and where is Roger Cook now.

Roger Cook health issues: What happened to Roger Cook on TOH?

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Roger Cook, who is a landscape contractor on This Old House, was absent for much of the new season of the show. Fans were also quick to notice his illness when he appeared on This Old House season 39. Cook addressed his health issues towards the end of the last season of TOH, which ended on June 2, 2018.

The TV personality wrote an open letter to fans, which was posted on the show's official website. He wrote, "Some viewers may have noticed that I haven't been myself over the last season. In fact, I have been dealing with several health issues that have made performing on television more difficult."

What Happened to Roger Cook? Updates on health issues, This Old House new season 2019, cast

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Cook shared that he would be taking some time off from This Old House and Ask This Old House because of his health issues and to focus on his family. " I may appear occasionally on our shows, but you'll also see other landscaping professionals helping with out many projects," he continued.

Cook is a father to two children; son Jason Cook and daughter Molly Cook. He currently resides in Burlington, Massachusetts and also spends time at his cottage on Cape Cod. He and his late wife, Kathleen, had founded K & R Tree and Landscape Company in 1982. His wife passed away in 2010 after a long battle with cancer. They had been married for 31 years. 

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Roger Cook short bio

Roger Cook

Roger Cook has been the landscape contractor on This Old House since 1988. He first appeared on the PBS show in 1982. Previously, he worked as a landscape foreman with a private company.

He graduated from the University of Maine in 1977 with a Bachelor of Science degree in wildlife management and conservation law.

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  • James Paul

    James Paul - Reply

    Roger, We have never met, but I feel I know you almost as if we had. I have followed you on "This Old Hous" and "ASK TOH", and I am disappointed that you will not be seen as often on either show. However, I understand the need to take time to be healthy, and if you're having health issues, I pray that they will be taken care of in short order. So, take care of yourself, get healthy, and maybe return to "TOH"and "ASK TOH" and continue passing on your lifelong knowledge of gardening and landscaping fundamental principles and tips. Regards, Jim
  • William Midgley

    William Midgley - Reply

    I started watching This Old House the same year that it started my wife and I had our old house in town here in Springfield what are the gas pipe for the gas lights were still alive. They leak so bad they wouldn't turn the gas on for furnace. I got mad took a hacksaw to the pipe coming into the house and cut it off got the other stuff out of the way and I threaded that pipe and ran just what I needed for the furnace the hot water tank in our stove. we had remodeled other houses that we want to put this one back in the style that it came from we have pictures of the house from back in the thirties we wanted to make it look as much like that as we could. We didn't know the name of half the bushes but watching the show when Rodger came on we found out pretty quick what they were. I never knew there was people like Rodger let me come in or landscape for you of course I grew up on a farm. We just growing up on a farm we just learned everything that you had to know from Plumbing to wiring carpentry and mechanics. I fell in love with working on boats didn't matter if they were wood fiberglass inboard outboard or I oh I loved it made a profession of that but it seem like my wife and I made a profession out of restoring old houses to. We had eight of them that we actually lived in and 16 then we put back together we were married 38 years when she passed away. I like the whole crew on the show but I've always admired Rodger he seemed to know exactly what Bush or what tree went where how deep to dig for it how big around a new how to make your grass grow better in everything I had a corner of the yard that no matter what I did I couldn't get grass to grow there. I even tried that stuff it said that it could grow grass on a concrete block. guess what it didn't grow grass in that corner. Watching Roger on the show we learn how to taken prep the yard for sod which we did in that corner worked our ass off getting it down and you digging it down getting a just the right height so it match him with the rest of the yard well grass is still growing in that corner I hope Rodger gets better and hope the same on the show some more. I would also like to know from Richard and Tom is the foam insulation that they blow in really the best insulation for a house. They claim that it is a sound barrier insulation and a moisture barrier and a bugs don't like it is all this true

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