What happened to Sylvie Brett on Chicago Fire Season 8? Sylvie Brett and Matt Casey Spoilers

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Chicago Fire Season 8 premiered on September 25 and has led to fans asking what happened to Sylvie Brett and if actress Kara Killmer is leaving Chicago Fire. 

What happened to Sylvie Brett on Chicago Fire?

Sylvie Brett and Kyle Sheffield

Sylvie Brett, played by Kara Killmer, had a big episode on the season 7 finale of Chicago Fire in May. There were several big moments for the paramedic, who was falling for her former best friend's ex-husband, Matthew Casey (Jesse Spencer). Most notably, she was proposed to by the Chicago Fire Department chaplain Kyle Sheffield.

Brett and Kyle had been in a relationship earlier in the season. Even after they separated, Kyle continued to have feelings for her and he took the leap during the season finale as he got down on one knee and asked Brett to marry him. He also asked her to move with him to Indiana where he's starting a new job. This move has fans wondering if Brett might not be around that much for Season 8. 

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Is Sylvia Brett leaving Chicago Fire?

Sylvie Brett

It doesn't appear like Sylvie Brett's character will be leaving the Chicago Fire cast. We know now that she did decide to move with Kyle after their engagement. She's living somewhere close to her hometown of Fowlerton and possibly got a new job, since we know that Firehouse 51 is getting a new paramedic in Season 8.

It is also possible that Brett will commute back and forth and continue appearing here and there. Living in a small town may not be the ideal situation for Brett and things might not have been going well with her new fiance.

It doesn't help that she might be holding onto some feelings for Casey. By the time season 8 ends, we won't be surprised if Brett breaks up with Kyle and gets back together with Casey, at least we're hoping that is what happens.

There's still hope for Brett and Casey in Season 8

Brett and Casey

The fall finale of Chicago Fire premiered on November 20, 2019. Brett convinced Casey to accept Gabby Dawson's invitation to a charity gala. Sparks were reignited and the former couple ended up sleeping together. Things didn't really progress between Casey and Brett but Chicago Fire showrunner Derek Haas has hinted that there may be still hope for the two.

In an interview with TVLine, Haas talked about what's next for Casey romantically. " Brett and Casey have, certainly, in scenes that the other didn’t see, we’ve seen that they’ve speculated about the two of them. They’re good characters and kind of cut from the same mold and good people."

That's not all. He continued, "And so if sparks… should ignite this season, this chapter with Dawson is certainly going to play a part in that."

So make sure you stick around to see where Brett and Casey's relationship goes when Chicago Fire Season 8 returns in 2020. An official date hasn't been announced but we're speculating that Season 8 Episode 10 will air on Wednesday, 2020.

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