Where is Agafia Lykova now?

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Agafia Lykova has lived off the grid in the Siberian wilderness for all her life. Fans are wondering where Agafia Lykova is now. She has been living alone since 1988. Read along to find out what Agafia Lykova is doing now in 2018.

Agafia’s health has been deteriorating

Agafia lives 3,444 feet up a mountainside in the Abakan Range. Her homestead is 150 miles away from the nearest town. Even at an old age of 74, Agafia insists on living a labor-intensive lifestyle.

In 2014, she wrote a letter to the outside world saying that she was in need of help. She also claimed that she had developed a lump on her right breast. Her letter was published online and she was able to find a fellow Old Believer who came to live with her. In January 2016, she had to be airlifted to a hospital in Tashtagol due to leg pain.

Agafia Lykova has lived a remarkable life 

Agafia was born on April 17, 1944 in a hollowed out pine washtub. Her family was uprooted from civilization in 1936 after the atheist Bolsheviks took over Russia. Agafia’s parents retreated deep into the Siberian forest with their two children, Savin and Natalia. They had two more children in the following years, Agafia and Dmitry. The family lived in total isolation until 1978 when a team of geologists spotted them from a helicopter.

The Lykov family lived in dire conditions, using whatever materials the forest provided. They were reluctant at first but later accepted some help from the geologists. But they refused to move back into civilization. Agafia’s mother, Akulina, died of starvation. In 1981, Agafia’s siblings died within a few days of one another. Agafia was left alone in the wilderness when her father died in 1988.

Agafia found some companionship after one of the geologists, Yerofei Sedov, moved near to her home. He visited her frequently and helped her with her daily tasks. But he fell ill and died in 2015.

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  • Jon Willard

    Jon Willard - Reply

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    BHUDAN - Reply

    Agafia, you are a martyr in all humanity. Your spirited self - indulgence's is so divine & you are just a wonderful woman. Your diligence's to choose as you have shows how the DIVINE - DISCIPLINE in life can be so positive in every action. I sincerely congratulate you & extend my grace & love to you forever. sincerely to you, BHUDAN '''''''''''''''''''' **********

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