Why is Edgar Hansen not on Deadliest Catch Season 15? Will he ever return?

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With crab fishing remaining as one of the most dangerous jobs in the world, Deadliest Catch back with yet another chilling season. However, the season is missing one remarkable cast member, Edgar Hansen, the part of one fan-favorite family on the show, the Hasen Family. Where is Edgar at present? Why is he not on Deadliest Catch? Read on to find out. 

What happened to Edgar Hansen from Deadliest Catch?

Edgar Hansen is the younger brother of Sig Hansen, the captain of the Northwestern. He was a staple member of the show until last season when a shocking news about Edgar surfaced in media.

On July 18, 2018, the news broke out that Edgar has admitted to sexually abusing a teen girl, 16. Reportedly, the incident took place on September 20, 2017, in Snohomish County, Washington.

The girl told her therapist about everything that happened between her and Edgar and claimed it was at a local home. However, the officials did not disclose if the girl is related to Hansen or how he knew her. 

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Hansen’s wife actually confronted her husband about the abuse when she found out. Initially, he denied the allegations but later admitted to “touching [the victim’s] private areas …for the purpose of my own sexual gratification” in a brief handwritten statement accompanying his guilty plea. “I am very sorry for that conduct and I have commenced treatment to ensure that nothing like this assault ever happens again,” he wrote.

Edgar was charged with fourth-degree assault with sexual motivation. As a result, he received a suspended sentence of 364 days in jail, meaning he did not have to spend time in jail. Besides, he received two years’ probation and was fined $1,653 and $4,800. 

Additionally, Hansen was ordered to undergo a sexual deviancy evaluation and treatment and provide a DNA sample to law enforcement, People reported.

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Edgar is not the first Hansen member to face legal troubles. His brother Sig has been through some similar cases in the past.

Back in May 2019, Sig admitted to having assaulted an Uber driver. What’s shocking is, this is the first time that Sig had to deal with the law. 

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Once, his estranged daughter Melissa accused him of having abused her when she was just a kid. Sig had given up rights to his daughter back in the 90s during his divorce with the previous wife. 

Sig denied the allegations against him. He was able to pass a lie detector test and also set up a website to show that he wasn’t guilty. After an investigation, the prosecution did not file any charges. 

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Is Edgar Hansen returning to Deadliest Catch in Season 15?

When Deadliest Catch returned in April this year, a lot of viewers expected that Edgar would return to the show this season. However, he has not been featured in any episodes, or commercials and promos so far. The network’s official website has removed Edgar’s bio, which hints that he has been fired from the show. 

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Edgar may not be shown on-screen but that does not mean he does not work on-board. In an Instagram video from October 2018 posted by Edgar’s niece Mandy, he could be seen along with the other crew members.

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