Where is Kendis Gibson going? Why did Kendis leave ABC World News Now?

Caption : Kendis Gibson at ABC

Kendis Gibson recently revealed that he was leaving ABC World News Now. His last broadcast was on December 21, 2018. Read on to find out why Kendis Gibson left ABC World News Now and if he has a new job!

Why is Kendis Gibson leaving ABC?

Well, he isn't leaving ABC, just World News Now. Kendis announced his departure on the morning broadcast of December 18, 2018. Interrupting his co-host, Janai Norman, Kendis said, "It's been three years in the making...I've decided to join the ranks of the 'daywalkers,' reclaiming my sleep."

Kendis Gibson with co-host Janai Norman

Kendis has been a part of the early morning time slot on ABC since 2014. He has covered several major news event on the morning show including the 2016 presidential campaign. The grueling hours of World News Now must have gotten to him! He also shared that he would be working on "zero sleep" and showed up to work even when he had food poisoning. That's some dedication!

After leaving the show, he headed straight to his home country of Belize for a vacation. ABC followed him on his journey and has released a goodbye video for the anchor.

Kendis Gibson new job?

Kendis hasn't yet revealed where he is going next. He won't be returning to a morning show anytime soon, that's for sure! The anchor seems to be ecstatic about being able to sleep in for longer hours.

Replying to a fan worried about not seeing Kendis first thing in the morning, he said, "thank you so much. we will all be able to sleep in."

Kendis Gibson and Diane Macedo

However, he has hinted that he will return to ABC on a new time slot. A fan tweeted Kendis saying, "You people running @ABC will lose me as a viewer altogether if I don't see @kendisgibson somewhere on your network at a better time slot. Please grant my Christmas wish."

Kendis replied to the fan, writing a cryptic message, "I'll be around." 

Kendis Gibson new job UPDATE

Kendis Gibson has now joined MSNBC Live. His first day at his new job was on January 19, 2019. For more details on Kendis Gibson's new job, read this: https://bit.ly/2G85UM7 

20 Replies on Where is Kendis Gibson going? Why did Kendis leave ABC World News Now?

  • Rico B Cody

    Rico B Cody - Reply

    Kendis and Diane were perfect together, why they had to separate them, now both are gone. Sad day for World News!!!!! Love both you guys!!!! But I'm pretty sure the new hosts will do a great job, blessings to them both also.
  • Terry Swearingen

    Terry Swearingen - Reply

    God speed my friend, you are missed may your choice be your beacon to greater success
  • Brenda Scott

    Brenda Scott - Reply

    I miss you and the hostess. Wishing the two of you good health, wealth and much happiness. When my mother died...World News was my company when I didn't sleep.
  • David Brower

    David Brower - Reply

  • David Brower

    David Brower - Reply

  • Nancy Ortiz-Beard

    Nancy Ortiz-Beard - Reply

    Yes, i like the rest miss Kendis Gibson!! And miss the combo-duo of Diane Maceda n Kendis Gibson!! What a couple!! When u can’t SLEEP you can always look forward to seeing the fac two! Good luck to both and I will continue with Janai n Kenneth or whomever as long as the format stays the same!! Adios!!🙋🏽
  • Nancy Ortiz-Beard

    Nancy Ortiz-Beard - Reply

    Ps... Cleveland, Ohio
  • David Adder

    David Adder - Reply

    He needs to reclaim the third grade and learn to enunciate properly. It's not "turnado," it's tornado. It's not "earthcrake," it's earthquake and it's not "Less Vegas" or "Less Angeles." It's not "Eregon, it's Oregon. There's a number of other words which he also butchers. Send him back to grammar school, i.e. third grade. But I guess that's ABC's way. Sloppy and not so close is good enough. You can also inform that ignorant, goofy looking Pierre Thomas that there is no such word as “mobileble,” (Boston Marathon bombing). And for the rest of you: The word is emergency, not “umergency.” The word is immediately, not “ummediately” From what I’ve observed and heard, you could all brush up on your use of bring and take. No such thing as a stalagmite, (10 July 2018) GMA. Oh yeah, and the word ‘Carolina’ has FOUR syllables.
  • Brenda M Campbell

    Brenda M Campbell - Reply

    Miss you so much. My go to when I can't sleep and that's often.You make my day and you rock.Love you and best wishes.
  • xdreamsx

    xdreamsx - Reply

    That rant from D Adler is random. The truth of the circumstance is he got quietly fired for making comments perceived as rude and xenophobic against BTS, a South Korean pop group. If you research this topic and query Gibson BTS, you can put the timeline together from there. Gibson said it was three years in the making. No one would leave that ABC network gig. Ouch!!

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