Where is Sam Larson from Alone now 2021? What does Sam Larson do for living? Wife, children

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Sam Larson is the youngest winner of Alone. He starred on Season 1 and Season 5 of the History Channel survival show, winning the grand prize on his second attempt. Since leaving the show, fans have wondered where Sam Larson from Alone is now. What does Sam Larson do for a living? Let’s take a look at Sam’s life behind the camera, which he spends with his wife and children.

What happened to Sam Larson on Alone? 

Sam Larson from Alone

History Channel’s hit survival reality series, Alone, returned with its new season in 2021. In Alone Season 8, ten contestants will attempt to survive in the most dangerous location on the show yet, the harsh Canadian wilderness surrounding the Chilko Lake in British Columbia. 

Sam Larson first appeared in the debut season of Alone in 2015 and made it to the semifinals before calling it quits. He was prepared for the isolation and encounters with predators but in the end, a massive storm proved to be his downfall. He quit the show after coming so close to the $500,000 prize but said at the time that it didn’t feel like a failure. 

"I was really, really happy. It might feel a little depressed on the show, but it doesn’t feel like a failure. It really isn’t a failure. I felt like (I was) finally done with the big achievement.” 

He tried his luck on the show again in 2018 along with nine other former non-winners of Alone. After 60 days of weathering the Mongolian winter, he was the last contestant standing and took home the $500,000 prize money. 

Where is Sam Larson now?

Before appearing on Alone, Larson worked for an outdoor gear retailer in his hometown of Lincoln, Nebraska. The young father has been training for wilderness living and survival for most of his life. With years of learning and experience under his belt, Larson is now a survival instructor.

You can find him on Twitter @samexplores making hilarious commentaries on politics and other topics. 

Sam Larson is married to Sydney Larson

Sam Larson wife

Sam Larson’s wife, Sydney, was pregnant with their first child, son Alaska, when he was away in Vancouver Island filming the first season of Alone. His son was born two months after he arrived home. Larson says that his son will follow in his footsteps but unlike him, will begin learning survival skills from a young age. 

Sam and Sydney welcomed a daughter in 2018 and their second daughter was born in October 2020.

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Alone Season 8

The latest season of Alone premiered on History Channel on June 2, 2021. Not only must each contestant survive in total isolation in hope of winning the $500,000 prize money, but according to the network this season they may also come face to face with the deadliest predator in North America, the grizzly bear. The contestants of Alone Season 8 are  Matt Corradino, Michelle Finn, Clay Hayes, Theresa Emmerich Kamper, Tim Madsen, Rose Anna Moore, Nate Weber, Colter Barnes, and Jordan Bell.

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