Who is mason expert Mark McCullough from This Old House? How did he become a mason?

Caption : Mark McCullough

If you follow home renovating series like This Old House and Ask This Old House then you could not have missed Mark McCullough. Mark is a mason expert/contractor who not only rose to fame as a tv personality/artist but also for making people understand clearly the world of stone, brick, and concrete. For Mark and the show’s fans, we have to dig up some important information about his career and company. Also, get details on his family and where they live now.

Mark McCullough’s short bio and career

Mark got his start in the Mason retreat through his cousin. Mark’s cousin had a best friend who was a  local mason contractor. He was an old gentleman from Italy. Mark started to work with him and in return, he not only learned about work but also habits that are very essential.

When Mark started to work as a mason he was fully involved in everything. He got a chance to discover the integrity, which he loved so much. He was so interested that he didn’t even think of looking back

Today McCullough is a famous and successful mason contractor and everybody knows him for his work. Find more about Mark from his Instagram. His Instagram handle is @markmcculloughtoh.

When did he begin his journey on This Old House?

Mark’s appearance on This Old House began in the year 2006. He was on the TOH East Boston project where he showed and impressed the host, Kevin O'Connor with some techniques regarding patching crumbling stucco. 

Since then Mark has had a regular presence on This Old House and since 2017, he started to make house calls for Ask This House as well.

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Mark owns MJM Masonry

Mark is the owner of MJM Masonry, located in the Boston area. MJM Masonry has experienced and professional masonry builders and contractors. Mark manages all the team members of a company which is around 90 people.

Mark’s construction work starts from 100$ to $10 million. It depends on their projects as some are normal whereas some are very huge and expensive. The MJM Masonry has been around for nearly three decades. They have done many projects whereas some of their important completed projects are 136 Shawmut Ave - Boston, 88 Cottage Construction, Pingree School, Lumiere Apartments and so on. Their popular projects included specialties like retaining walls, stairwells, brick veneers, patios, elevator shafts, and many more.

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Along with that, they work for both commercial and residential projects. They don’t have exact choices, their projects are of different sizes and from various places. But the most important thing Mark believes is safety before anything. He wants his team’s safety first in every project. Such professionalism, character, and spirit made Mark the best leader.

Find more about MJM Masonry, Inc from its website, mjmmasonry.com.

Mark’s family and home

Mark might talk in detail about his work and career journey but he has not much mentioned about his family. Although as we heard, Mark has been greatly married for many many years, he has not shared anything about his wife. Mark and his wife live together somewhere in a suburb west of Boston. Their home is beautifully decorated with stone features. As Mark is a mason himself, we are sure that it is deeply detailed and attractive. They also have a backyard where they raise some chickens.

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