Why is Matt Cohen leaving General Hospital? What happened to Griffin on General Hospital?

Caption : Matt Cohen on General Hospital

Matt Cohen is leaving General Hospital. His last air date was on March 22, 2019. Read on to know what happened to Dr. Griffin Munro on General Hospital and find out the reason behind Griffin leaving General Hospital.

Matt Cohen leaving General Hospital

Matt Cohen leaving General Hospital

After a three-year stint as the neurosurgeon Dr. Griffin Munro, Matt Cohen has called it quits on General Hospital. As a matter of fact, his last episode of the show aired on March 22. 

Cohen revealed to TV Insider that his exit was amicable and he could be back on the show in the future. "We’re leaving it very open-ended. There are a couple of directing projects I’m looking at right now. There’s always the chance I’ll come back. I have a real family over there with the actors and especially the crew that keeps that show afloat," Cohen said.

Cohen hopes to embark on a challenging project after leaving General Hospital. He recently directed Mama Bear, which has been getting positive response from viewers. The short starts Cohen's wife, Mandy Musgrave, who played Chelsea on Days of Our Lives.

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What happened to Griffin on General Hospital?

Griffin leaving General Hospital

Griffin was torn between his two loves Ava and Kiki for his duration of stay in Port Charles. Griffin and Kiki got together after the 2018 Nurses Ball but when Ava begged for forgiveness, Griffin was forced to take her back. He decided to keep his liaison with Kiki a secret.

The truth eventually came out and Ava took revenge by getting Griffin fired from the hospital. He then tried to romance Kiki. Unfortunately, Ava's new love interest happened to be the serial killer Ryan Chamberlain, who murdered Kiki!

Griffin was devastated and couldn't stay a minute longer in Port Charles. He decided to resign his position at the hospital and start a new life in a new town. But there's definitely a possibility for a return as Matt Cohen has assured fans that he is open to playing the character again.

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