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Caption : Amelia Burstyn appears in the role of Diane in Lost In Space.

Not to be confused with Ellen Burstyn, Amelia Burstyn is a person of her own. You might recognize her as her character, “Diane” in the series, “Lost in Space” or as the character, “Kyeritso” in “Defiance”. She is a thriving actress who is also a producer and part of the Miscellaneous Crew, Camera Department. Here is everything you need to know about this multi-talented woman from her age or bio to her net worth and family.

Amelia Burstyn Bio: Details of her family and net worth

Burstyn’s Twitter says she was born on the 1st of November and her residence switches between Los Angeles and Vancouver. This brunette diva identifies herself as a Canadian woman. Lost in space might be her most popular role as of yet as an actress. 

amelia burstyn's father

From her social media posts, Burstyn seems like quite a daddy’s girl. Her strong bond with her father can be easily seen in her posts and we can’t find a better word to describe it than cute. 

Professionally recognized as an actress and a producer, Burstyn’s net worth is estimated to be roughly around $1.6 Million.

Amelia Burstyn’s Social Media

Quite a social media enthusiast, Amelia posts a ton of photos on her Instagram where she goes by the handle @ameliaburstyn. With a bunch of photos with her friends and family, we can find her Instagram to be pretty wholesome. She has over 1000 followers and she posts on the platform frequently.

Burstyn is also part of the Twitter community where she again goes by @ameliaburstyn. She has over 150 followers on the platform. 

Where have you seen Amelia Burstyn before?

Being an actress, producer, and part of the camera crew there is a high possibility that you have heard the name Amelia Burstyn before. As an actress her most popular TV series include “Lost in Space”, “Defiance”, “The Whispers”, “No Tomorrow” and many more. She has also showcased her charisma in multiple movies like “Forever Christmas” and “My Baby Is Gone!”.

Acting isn’t the only thing Burstyn is good at, she is also a producer and has worked as an associate producer in numerous movies. Some of her works are “Amish Abduction”, “My Wife's Secret Life”, “Undercover Cheerleader “, the recent “The Babysitter“ and many more. In addition to this, she has also worked as a part of the miscellaneous crew in movies like “Deadly Match”, “Best Friend's Betrayal”, “A Body to Die For“ and many more.        

Lost in Space Trailer

Created by Irwin Allen, Matt Sazama and Burk Sharpless the Netflix series “Lost in Space” is the reimagining of Irwin Allen's 1965 cult TV classic. The sci-fi series was released in 2018 and currently has 2 seasons with 10 episodes each. The series follows the Robinsons, a young explorer family from Earth that crash lands on an alien universe and defies all odds to remain unseparated and alive. 

The Robinson family is played by Molly Parker as “Maureen Robinson”, Toby Stephens plays “John Robinson”, Maxwell Jenkins “Will Robinson”, Taylor Russell “Judy Robinson” and Mina Sundwall “Penny Robinson”.

With the Robot being back, cameo roles of the original cast of the series and a lot of suspense, season 2 is going to be quite a ride since season 1 left the audience in a major cliffhanger. 

In the series, Amelia plays the role of “Dianne”. Dianne is one of the survivors of a Jupiter crash-down encountered by the Robinson Party in Episode 1 to Episode 4.

The cast members show amazing chemistry and although the show received mixed reaction during the first season, Season 2 has the audience hooked. 

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