Who is Spanish singer/actor Emilia Lazo? Does she have a boyfriend? Find out about her movies and music videos

Caption : Emilia Lazo from Through My Window

Newly released stalker thriller movie,  Through My Window Brand new actress, Emilia Lazo is taking over the internet with her different looks, acting, and her previous career. For many audiences, she is the new face in the movie industry but not for all this is not the first time Emilia has been in front of the camera, she has already done a few music videos of her own and with others too. If you want to know more then keep reading to find out about her music videos, career, and net worth.

Emilia Lazo’s age, bio, and wiki; Who did she play in Through My Window(A través de mi ventana)?


Emilia Lazo is a singer, actor, and social media personality. She was born and raised in Spain and looking at her images, her age is probably above 25. Emilia is more of a singer than an actor. Through My Window is her first movie and she is starring alongside Natalia Azahara. She plays the role of Claudia. But besides her acting career, she has already released a couple of songs officially.

Her songs may not be a super-hit one but they are pretty good. She  is mostly known for her music videos like Territorio de Delirio - Zona Cero, Emília y Pablo - Temblor - Enajenación and Emilia y Pablo - Tiempo y Silencio. Lazo uploads her songs and videos on her own youtube channel. Check out her youtube channel from here, she has 1.39k followers as of now.

Emilia Lazo’s boyfriend: Did Lazo date her co-star  Eric Masip of Through My Window?


Emilia seems to be single however there are rumors of her relationship spreading around. Through the window costars, Emilia and Eric are a couple in the thriller movie.  Although the two look so good with each other on and off-screen, there is no real confirmation if they dated or are dating or not in real life.

But the rumor did stay alive after Emilia posted a picture with Eric hugging him from behind. Fans only need a small thing like this to make it big and she gave it to them. In conclusion for viewers, a couple in fiction does not have to be a couple in real life..

Emilia Lazo’s career and net worth

emilia_lazo_salary _ net worth

Emilia is like every young girl who loves to do acting and singing. Her acting journey professionally started in only 2022 whereas her singing career started way before. She sang songs and put them out on her Youtube channel, performed at various music concerts, collaborated with talented artists like Pablo. 

Emilia’s career may not be at the top right now but she is gaining lots of attention after her role in Through My Window. She might do lots of movies after this. Because Emilia is more into her singing career her main source of income comes from there. According to our sources her net worth is approximately $800. However, you can expect it to go a lot higher if she sticks with movies in future projects

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