Is Swamp People returning on the History channel for a new season?

Caption : History channel's reality show Swamp People

Swamp People is one of the hit reality shows which has been running on the History channel since past 8 years. The show premiered on August 22, 2010, and wrapped up its ninth season on June 7, 2018. It has been confirmed that the show has been picked for a new season. Read on to find out when will the new season start in 2019.

Swamp People Season 10: Cast Members

From the time Swamp People premiered in 2010, the show has worked with various cast and crews and there are a few casts who have been associated with the show from the time of the show's inception. 

Troy Landry, Jacob Landry, Bruce Mitchell, Willie Edwards, and Tommy Chauvin have been appearing on Swamp People since season 1. The second season introduced three more cast members Glenn Guist, R. J. Molinere, Jr., and Jay Paul Molinere, all of whom have appeared on the later seasons. 

Likewise, Chase Landry, Ron Methvin, and Kristi Broussard joined the show during Season 3, Harlan "Bigfoot" Hatcher joined during Season 4, and Holden Landry joined during Season 5. The show did not bring in any new cast members in Season 6 but Season 7 had five newbies - Danie Edgar, Joey Edgar, Dorien Edgar, Robert "Frenchy" Crochet, and Gerard "Gee" Singleton.

Similarly, Todd Alexander, Dwaine Edgar, and Justin "Stringbean" Roy joined the show during Season 8 and the latest season featured Big Tee, Cory Farmer, and Jay Foster.

Considering the fact that Swamp People features a few new cast members every season, we expect to see a few new faces in the upcoming season as well. However, the network has not made any official announcement of Swamp People Season 10 casts yet. 

Swamp People Season 10: Premiere Date

From the last several seasons, Swamp People has been coming back on the History channel in the month of February. The show's first season came on TV in August 2010, the second season premiered in March of 2011, and since the third season, it has been premiering every February.

Swamp People Season 1 had the least number of episodes, it included only 10 episodes while the fourth season was the longest running season with 25 episodes. The latest season of Swamp People included 20 episodes. 

In October 2018, the History channel confirmed that Swamp People is returning for Season 10. The network also stated that the new season will include 14 episodes, each 60 minutes long. We can expect Swamp People Season 10 to return on our screen in February 2019 although the network has not announced an official premiere date yet. 

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