Who is Darryl Doiley on Riverdale Season 3? Is he the Gargoyle King?

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Dilton Doiley’s father Darryl Doiley seems to be a major part of the Gargoyle King mystery on Riverdale Season 3. Police records show that he took his own life but Betty thinks otherwise. Is Dilton Doiley the scary Gargoyle King that has been wreaking havoc in town? Read on to find out more about the theory.

Who played Darryl Doiley on Riverdale?

Major Curda portrayed the teen Darryl Doiley in the flashback episode, The Midnight Club. He began playing Dilton Doiley in Season 1. He took over the role from Daniel Lang, who portrayed the former boy scout in the pilot episode, The River’s Edge. 

Is Darryl Doiley the Gargoyle King?

Darryl Doiley was the game master when the parents of Riverdale were playing Gryphons and Gargoyles on the night of the ascension party. It’s very likely that he poisoned Principal Featherhead back in the day. But why is he torturing Betty and the gang in the present day? 

Betty is having a hard time believing that Darryl died of suicide. She confronts Penelope Blossom at Veronica’s speakeasy and straight up accuses her of poisoning Darryl. But Penelope points the finger at Alice Cooper, who was the one that wrote the article reporting that Darryl had died of carbon monoxide poisoning. 

Betty grills her mother at home but Alice won’t have any of it. She shuts down Betty’s investigation just before the lights go out and they get a visit from the Gargoyle King himself. Is Darry Doiley alive and heading the Gargoyle gang? What’s his motive and why now after all these years? 

Riverdale Season 3 Spoilers: Another rescue on the way?

Alice has decided that Betty will be safer at the Sisters of Quiet Mercy. But we know that’s not true at all. Is another rescue plan on the cards? Jughead is currently busy hopping trains with Archie and he will also be making a visit to his mother, Gladys (Gina Gershon). Safe to say, he has his hands full right now. Maybe Cheryl and Toni will return the favor and save Betty by themselves! 

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