ABC 7 morning director Malcolm Montgomery passed away at age 27

Caption : Late Malcolm Montgomery

Malcolm Montgomery was a morning director at KVII, Amarillo, Texas, whose death KVII staffers are mourning at present. Montgomery passed away suddenly on the morning of January 29, 2019. His colleagues have been deeply saddened his untimely death. 

Malcolm Montgomery died on the job

Montgomery was preparing for Daybreak’s broadcast at the Amarillo, Texas station when he passed away quietly. The news station canceled the newscast that morning and midday. KVII chief meteorologist Steve Kersh took to Facebook to announce the change in newscast schedules and break the sad news via Facebook FastCast Live for that day.

In the live video, Kersh said, “We’ve had a loss of an employee here at ABC7 early this morning. Our morning show and Daybreak director Malcolm Montgomery was here. He was getting ready to do Daybreak and died unexpectedly here at the TV station.”

“We’ve had a lot of phone calls and emails asking why Daybreak wasn’t on this morning, and also why we didn’t have a midday show and that’s the reason why. As you can imagine, our crew is pretty traumatized by what happened here and our prayers are certainly with Malcolm’s family,” Kersh continued.

Malcolm Montgomery had turned 27 earlier this January

Montgomery had just turned 27 earlier this month. He was born on January 4, 1992. 

“On behalf of my husband we are heartbroken and sad to announce that his son/my bonus son Malcolm Montgomery has passed away at the age of 27! Please keep Amos (Malcolm’s father) and our family in your prayers!” Malcolm’s stepmother Regina wrote on Facebook.

Paying tribute to the young soul, the station said, “[Montgomery] died doing what he most loved – serving our viewers by putting together the best morning news show he could.”

David Duenes, one of Malcolm’s best friend and fellow director at the station said, “He is a hard worker and even better friend. He will always be a part of me and his touch on this world will not be forgotten.”

Another ABC 7 employee, reporter Darra Cunnigham said, “He was always so positive all the time.”

Likewise, morning anchor Anthony Pittman said, “I never heard him say anything negative about anyone or anything.”

Originally from Colorado, Montgomery had attended school in Texas. He joined the station only a few months ago and had made a big impact in a really short time with his positive and friendly demeanor. 

The station has not disclosed Montgomery’s cause of death yet.

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