What secret did Barbara Corcoran reveal about her sex life with her husband Bill Higgins? About Barbara and Bill’s age, marriage and children

Caption : Barbara Corcoran and her husband Bill Higgins

In the recent episode of Shark Tank, Barabara shocked everyone by revealing unbelievable statements that questioned her long marriage with her husband Bill Higgins. Barbara and Bill are a married couple with children and the two have been together for more than three decades. From the outside, the couple looks wonderful and happy but after what Barbara has to say about her personal life, her fans felt sad and terrible for her husband.  Keep reading to find out why. Also, we got you covered about Bill’s bio, job, and ex-wife.

Barbara Corcoran has dodged making love to her husband for 30 years

In one episode of Shark Tank, there was a pitch for a snack bar named His & Her. The bar was not a normal one but an aphrodisiac which means if you eat it, it will arouse your sexual instinct and desire along with an increase in your sexual performance.

When it came to consuming the bar by sharks, Barbara being one of the sharks made a comment about how excited she is about eating it, and if it works she could be a permanent consumer. Then she again proceed and explained that she hasn’t had any sexual thoughts in the past 30 years. 

According to Barbara, her husband Bill thinks she can write a book about how to avoid sex and she completely agrees. She got at least 500 reasons easily.

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Are Barbara Corcoran and her husband Bill Higgins still married? When did the wedding happen?

Barbara Corcoran_Bill Higgins married for more than three decades

Barbara and Bill are together to date with over thirty years of marriage setting an example of a wonderful story. The two met in 1981 in New York City while attending a conference.

Barbara thought of Bill as the most handsome man she’d ever met. In the beginning, they had mostly business interactions but later the pair began dating.

After dating for around two years, Bill surprised Barbara by asking her to marry him. Although Barbara was not sure at that time, she said yes and their wedding happened in 1988. Over three decades of marriage prove that it was the right thing.

Check out the video that Barbara posted on her Instagram on feb15 2022 celebrating her 34th anniversary with Bill.

How many children do Barbara Corcoran and Bill Higgins have?

 Barbara Corcoran children mom

Bill Higgins, mostly known for successful Barabara’s husband today, is a former FBI agent and retired Navy Captain. Higgins was born in 1944 in the USA making his age, 78 in 2022. Barbara is 73 years old, 5 years younger than her husband. Bill spent most of his life serving for public and the country.

Bill and Barbara share a total of six kids, four from Bill’s previous wife/marriage and two from their own.

Barabra went through a lot before she had her own kids. It took her seven years of trying to be pregnant. When she finally gave birth to her first child, a son named Tom, she was 46 years old. She even went to Facebook, in 2016 and shared the news calling it the absolute best treasure of her life.

 When it came to the second child, Bill and Barbara decided to adopt. Her name is Kate.

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