Who is Daniel Chesters from West Ham United? When did he debut on West Ham? Does he have a girlfriend?

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Daniel Chesters was lost for words after his debut on West Ham United. Daniel might have a short time on the field on his debut but his presence was very powerful. Daniel won people’s hearts not only by his game but also by thanking people for his success and career. Unlike other players, he not only gives thanks to the coach but also his family and girlfriend adding how they were impacting his life. The young player has something very sweet to talk about his girlfriend. If you wondering who Daniel is and what position he plays in then let’s dive right in to learn about his career so far, his bio, and his age.

Who is Daniel Chesters? His age, bio, and West Ham club career

Daniel is 20 years old English professional football player born on 4 April 2002.

Dan plays for a club West Ham with a position as, a midfielder. His style of play has been described as a livewire attacking midfielder who is also capable of opening up the tightest of defenses.

Daniel’s senior debut did start recently but he has been with West Ham for a long time. Dan previously joined West Ham under-8 level. At the age of 15, he was playing with their West Ham United Under 23s development team. 

Daniel made his professional debut with West Ham United

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Daniel is the ninth academy player to get debuted by the manager of West Ham United, David William Moyes. He got this opportunity on 21 October 2021. The same day West jam United went to Facebook to congratulate Dan and officially announced the news to the public.

Dan thanked most especially to the captain of West Ham, Mark Noble for his West Ham debut.

According to Dan, he only had 4 min cameo but because of Nobel, he got close to the ball as much as he could. After the game, he personally went to the media to appreciate Nobel’s effort and thoughtfulness toward him.

Daniel has already signed the contract with West Ham as well. On Feb 4, 2022, Dan went to Instagram and told his fans that his new contract with West Ham has delightfully completed. His new contract lasts till 2024.

Daniel Chester family and girlfriend? Is he dating anyone?

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When Daniel made a senior debut with West Ham he had many people to thank like his coach, manager but along with them also his family and girlfriend. 

Daniel took time and told the media that his mum and dad always took him to train and supported him. Daniel’s career is now rising day by day so it’s sure that his family’s love and investment paid off.

If you are wondering who Daniel is dating then unfortunately he mentioned having a girlfriend but did not give many details about her. But he did say that his girlfriend was always there to look after him.

Check out Daniels’s Instagram to learn more about him and to get updates on his new games. His Instagram handle is @dan.chesters.

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