ABC11 reporter Michael Perchick takes a leave of absence for cancer treatment | Is he married?

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ABC11 viewers got shocking news last week on January 29. WTVD reporter Michael Perchik, who has been working with the station for almost two years now, announced on his social media that he has been diagnosed with cancer.

Michael Perchick announced cancer diagnosis on Facebook/Twitter

On Wednesday, January 29, Perchick first announced his cancer diagnosis on Facebook at around 8:30 p.m. 

He shared a picture of himself donned in a hospital suit and a big smile on his face and wrote, “LIFE UPDATE: As journalists, we often encounter people in some of their toughest moments. They are gracious and generous with us, sharing their stories even when it is not easy to do so. In that spirit, I feel it is only right that I do the same. Last week, I was diagnosed with cancer.”

Perchick revealed in his Facebook post that his prognosis is excellent. However, the next several months are going to be difficult for him as he goes through the treatment, which is why he will be needing a break from his work. 

Perchick wrote, “I am comforted by all the love and support I have received from family and friends. I will be taking a leave of absence from ABC11 WTVD to focus solely on this fight, and will continue to update you here throughout the course of my treatment.”

“Until then, I’ll leave you with one simple promise: I will beat it,” he added.

That same day, he also shared a Twitter post where he wrote, “LIFE UPDATE: I’m 28 years old and was just diagnosed with cancer. And in four months, I’ll be a 28-year-old who beat cancer. Let’s fight!”

Perchick also had an interview with The News & Observer on Wednesday afternoon where he stated that his treatment would start on Monday, February 3. The treatment is expected to last “a period of months.” Reportedly, he is receiving treatment at his home in New Jersey.

Perchick has decided not to share what type of cancer he has. Nonetheless, he has been showing an amazing attitude towards his diagnosis. “My prognosis is great, and I’m fully confident I’m going to beat it. That’s not bravado. I’m very very confident in this,” he said in the interview.

After he made the announcement on Wednesday, Perchick has been receiving immense support from his friends, colleagues, and fans, both online and offline.

“It means the world to me,” Perchick has said.

On Twitter, Perchick’s dad, Gary Perchick, commented as “Couldn’t be more proud of my son for the courage he has shown and his amazing attitude that will help him beat this. For those who lent words of encouragement, your kindness is the greatest gift and most powerful medicine that will defeat this disease. We all fight together.”

Michael Perchick Family: Parents, Sibling, Girlfriend

Michael has shared a few photos of his mom and dad on Instagram. He has also featured his sister, Erica Perchick, a few times on his Instagram.

Michael is not married to anyone to date but he has a beautiful fiancée, Samara Brooke Ashpes. He popped the question to Samara on July 15 last year at the North Carolina Museum of Art. His parents and sister were there too when the two got engaged. 

Michael Perchick family

We wish all the strength to Michael Perchick to overcome this difficult time in his life and wish for his speedy recovery. 

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