Who Is Joseph Frontiera from Counting Cars? Joseph’s controversy, scandal, and lawsuit. What did he do?

Caption : Ex-Counting Cars star Joseph Frontiera

Joseph is an American TV personality who came under the spotlight after starring in the American Television series Counting Cars. Few years after appearing on the show, Joseph got involved in a huge controversy. The company he was working for, Count's Kustom, filed a lawsuit against him claiming he misused a big company’s money for personal use. Later, he was also not seen anymore on Counting Cars. What happened to him on the show. Did he steal the money? Keep reading to find the truth. Also, get updates on his relationship status.

Who Is Joseph Frontiera from Counting Cars? His age, bio, and family

Joseph Frontiera is a designer and artist who built his career through the popular reality show, Counting Cars. Frontiera was born on July 1, 1988, in the United States. His age is 33 as of 2021. He is an expert in repairing automobiles but, on the show, he handled the accounting department. 

It was his father who taught him about cars when he was young. His father worked in a factory and his mother was a housewife. His role on Counting Cars might not seem significant but it did make him famous for several reasons.

Joseph is not active on social media. But you can use #josephfrontiera if you want to see his news on Instagram.

How did Joseph Frontiera launch his career?

Joseph started learning about mechanics and repairing cars at the age of 11. His father used to work on cars when Joseph was young. After showing an interest in what his father did, his father started teaching him about cars.

Joseph launched his career as a car mechanic in 2006 when he just joined high school. Then after gaining some recognition for his skills, he got a chance to work for Count’s Kustoms and joined as a member of the TV show Counting Cars. He professionally launched his career around 2013.

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What happened to Joseph Frontiera on Counting Cars after the scandalous lawsuit

Joseph was a regular crew member of the show until the year 2016. In 2017, Danny Koker, the owner of Count’s Kustom sued Joseph for stealing the company’s money. He was allegedly accused of embezzling money for his personal expenses.

The lawsuit stated that he spent a total of $75,000  on his personal needs, especially on buying plane tickets when he had to travel across the USA and paying the bills for his Range Rover car.

Joseph got charged with felony theft and was fined $18,000 by the IRS. He was eventually let go from the company which means he no longer appears on Counting Cars since 2017.

Today, if you search for him on the official page of the show, you cannot find his name. He is entirely erased from the show’s history.

Before Joseph, there was another person who handled the accounting department of Count’s Kustoms named Scott Jones. Joseph and Scott did the same to the company. Scott was also fired for embezzling money.

Who is Joseph Frontiera dating as of now?

Joseph has kept his personal life a secret from fans not only now but even during his tenure on Counting Cars. It is unsure whether he is married or is in a relationship with a girlfriend or he could be single too. However, at one time in 2016, there were some rumors that he was dating a woman whom he met while shooting the show. Joseph was also spotted with that lady in Vegas several times during public events.

How much is Joseph Frontiera’s net worth in 2021?

Joseph’s net worth was more than $500,000 when he was working on Counting Cars. But due to his lawsuit and several fine payments, we heard that his current net worth is a lot lesser than before.

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