Claudia Yanez plays Gloria Estefan alongside Jason Canela in On Your Feet. Does she have a boyfriend?

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The musical, On Your Feet, brought the story of Emilio Estefan and Gloria Estefan which is portrayed by Jason Canela and Claudia Yanez. The show is premiering in various places hitting the Orpheum stage on Feb 26. The show is receiving outstanding reviews and Claudia being the main star is grabbing all the attention through her performance. Her chemistry with Jason Canela is also shining on the stage. Are they dating in real life? Get to know about her boyfriend, family, and twin sister. How old is she?

How is Claudia Yanez as Gloria Estefan in On Your Feet?

Claudia is a perfect person to play Gloria Estefan in On Your Feet. She plays the character with full sincerity, passion, and star quality. Claudia surprised many audiences with her performance. Her first show began on Feb 9, 2022, and it is still going on.

One fan commented on her recent Instagram post: What a show! What an amazing performance. You made me laugh and cry in the same hour🥺❤️amazing

Many people are coming from a lot far to just watch the show and the ones who already watched it called it being a beautiful piece of work.

Claudia Yanez was already familiar with On Your Feet before she began to play as Gloria Estefan.  

Take a look at Claudia’s Instagram: @claudiayanez to get updates on her show’s latest news and pictures. Her Instagram followers are also increasing day by day because of the success of the show. Currently, she has 5k followers.

Claudia also received an opportunity to talk with google about musical theatre, actors, singers, and dancers alongside Google and Danny Burgos. While speaking she also mentioned that On Your Feet is her dream show and playing Gloria Estefan is her dream role. 

Claudia Yanez's age and family; Who are her parents and siblings?

Claudia Yanez family mother twin sister brother

Claudia was born to her parents Isabel Aoun-Yanez along with two siblings. Her brother and sister are Diego Yanez and Ana Yanez. She s 31 years old in 2022 along with her sister.

In May 2020, she went to her Instagram to celebrate mother’s day and shared a childhood picture of her whole family together.

Claudia and her sister Ana exactly look like each other. They call each other bestie although there are few comments saying they are twins.

Who is Claudia Yanez dating?

Claudia Yanez boyfriend dating relationship

Claudia Yanez has a beautiful reel romance with her On Your Feet partner Jason Canela. Jason is an actor and a creative producer.  Some of her fans think the two are dating in real life but that’s not true. Jason got somebody else in his life 

Claudia seems to be single and extremely focused on her career currently. If you look at her social media then you’d find out how much busy she is every single day from her career. We wonder if she got time to date.

Although Claudia has not shared any personal information about her relationship and boyfriend before either so even if she is dating anyone, we guess she would like to keep it private.

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