Why is Deadliest Catch captain Steve "Harley" Davidson portrayed as a bad guy? What happened to Harley Davidson?

Caption : Harley Davidson

The captain of the second biggest boat on Deadliest Catch, Southern Wind, Steve "Harley" Davidson receives lots of criticism and hate from the fans of the show. Here is everything you need to know about Steve “Harley” Davidson and what happened to him on the show: Deadliest Catch?

Who is Steve “Harley” Davidson? Why do people call him “Harley”?

Steve “Harley” Davidson was born in Los Angeles and is 61 years old. He is the oldest of 5 kids in his family. He captains the 148-foot long boat Southern Wind and he is the Director of Odyssey Marine Exploration.

At the age of 10, Steve moved to Washington along with his family and worked for his parent’s billyard. He completed his high school there and joined college on a football scholarship but had no interest in education.

Steve Davidson

Instead, he went to a fishing business where his first job on the boat was as a cook. Because the three out of four guys of that boat were already called Steve,  the captain of the boat gave him the name Harley and this nickname has stuck with him since then.

Harley has mentioned himself as “Actor”, “Captain of the F/V Southern Wind” and “Deadliest Catch” in his Instagram bio. He goes by the Instagram handle @official_capt. 

Why are fans pissed at Steve Harley Davidson? What did Harley do?

Fans of Deadliest Catch see Harley as neither captain nor fisherman because of his act. He pissed off the fans of the show because he has done nothing to find the crabs on his own instead he steals from others. He promoted lots of hate through his dirty tactics. Fans even asked Discovery Channel to respectfully remove Steve "Harley" Davidson from the show, otherwise they will stop watching the show.

They even signed petitions to remove him from the show.

It isn't surprising that Harley doesn't have many friends on the show. He believes in getting out there and getting things done.  He isn't there to make friends.

Captain Keith Colburn, who owns the biggest boat, is not a fan of Harley and his boat either. He says, “I put the Southern Wind right at the top of the list of guys I don’t like," and further added, "Harley is the guy I don’t like." 

Even the other fisherman labeled him as a cutthroat and aggressive. And that’s why fans are not enjoying the show as they used to.

Who is Steve “Harley” Davidson married to? Does he have children?

Harley got married to a Norwegian woman in February 1981. His beautiful wife’s name is Dorothy, then a stewardess, and they have two children named Kerr and Greta. Kerr is an account manager in publishing and Greta, an office manager for Shazam.

Harley lives in North Essex with his wife and considers his marriage pretty good.

Where is Discovery Channel's reality show Bad Chad Customs located?

How much is Steve “Harley” Davidson's net worth?

According to online sources, Deadliest Catch captains earn more than a million dollars and some captains are worth even more than that. Considering Steve “Harley” Davidson’s earnings from the show and other sources, his net worth has been estimated at $1 million. 

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