Gold Rush Personality Tony Beets' Net Worth in 2018 | More on His Wife & Children

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Tony Beets is a gold miner, who is popular for appearing on Discovery Channel's reality show, Gold Rush. He entered the show in 2011 during the second season and quickly rose as one of the fan favorites. He has successfully amassed a huge net worth while rising as a legendary miner in Klondike. 

Tony Beets has a net worth of $15 million

Tony has been involved in the gold mining business for a long time now. Born in Wijdenes, Netherlands, Tony moved to Holland at age 7. He made his ends meet by farming and milking the cows in the past. He moved to Dawson City, Yukon, Canada, in 1984, and started out as a lowly machine operator. He is now one of the most successful gold miners in Klondike, owning two dredges. 

Tony Beets

Tony joined Gold Rush in 2011 and has appeared in all the subsequent seasons. His expertise in gold mining helped him become one of the major cast members, earning him a lucrative salary from the show. According to reports, Tony receives approximately $25,000 per episode on Gold Rush. His income from Gold Rush, along with his gold mining business, has earned him a net worth of $15 million, as of 2018.

Tony Beets' wife Minnie Beets keeps the accounts of the family

Tony has been married to his childhood friend, Minnie Beets, for over three decades now. A native of Holland, Minnie is one of the five children of her parents. They met for the first time in Burgwerd, Friesland after Tony moved in to the house next to Minnie's. He was seven and Minnie was six years old at that time.

Tony Beets and Minnie Beets

Tony and Minnie began dating in their early 20s and got married a few years later. Minnie followed Tony to Canada and began working to support the family. She has worked in a home healthcare, retail and in a burger joint, which she later bought.

The duo is parents to four children. They have two daughters, Bianca and Monica, and two sons, Kevin and Mike. Their children have been a great helping hand to Tony in his gold mining business. They have also appeared on Gold Rush.

Tony Beets' Family Picture

Monica, Kevin, and Mike have been working as mechanics and supervisors at Paradise Hill claim while Minnie has been a bookkeeper at Paradise Hill for over a decade now. She has been too good at managing the family's fortune. Minnie has good control over the family purse strings and often argues with Tony for his extra expenses on the dredges.

Tony loves his wife a lot and she is the only one he can't say NO to.

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