Are Kissing Booth couple Joey King and Jacob Elordi still together? Did they break up?

Caption : Joey King and Jacob Elordi

Are Joey King and Jacob Elordi still together? Looks like the Kissing Booth couple have split but are yet to address the break up. Read on to know the signs that they may not be still together and details on their dating history.

The Kissing Booth's Joey King and Jacob Elordi still together?

Joey King and Jacob Elordi break up

Sorry to say but Joey King and Jacob Elordi may have broken up! The couple, who starred together on Netflix's The Kissing Booth, have not been seen together for quite a while.

Elordi was recently spotted at a HBO party with actress Hunter Schafer, most likely promoting their upcoming show Euphoria. Jacob usually takes his girlfriend show up at press events together but they haven't made a public appearance for a long time.

On November 16, 2018, Joey took to Twitter (@JoeyKing) to write a cryptic tweet that read, "Thank god I have my dog tho." Fans speculated that she's happy to have her dog comforting her after their break up.

Another alarming sign that they might have split is that Jacob has deleted all of his Instagram posts. He even deactivated his account (@jacobelordi) for a while. His account is back up and all of his old photos are now gone. 

This is not the first time that they have rumored to be broken up. Back in July 2018, the couple deleted all of their Instagram photos with each other. But King later clarified that they were still together and were stepping away from posting couple photos on social media. However, she used to have a photo of them from September 2018 on her profile. Looks like she has deleted that photo too!

Why did Joey King and Jacob Elordi break up?

Joey King and her boyfriend Jacob Elordi began dating in September 2017. They starred on The Kissing Booth as Elle and Noah. They had been pretty open about their relationship until recently. 

Following their Kissing Booth fame, both of them have been working on exciting new projects. It's likely that they split because of their crazy work schedules. 

Joey King and Jacob Elordi still together?

Joey is currently busy promoting her new series, The Act. The Act is a true crime drama series that is set to premiere on Hulu on March 20, 2019. Meanwhile, Jacob is working on his HBO series Euphoria. The series stars the likes of Zendaya, Storm Reid, Maude Apatow, Sydney Sweeney and Hunter Schafer.

Joey spent most of her time filming in Savannah, Georgia while Jacob was in Los Angeles working on his new show.

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