Why did Marci Miller (Abigail Deveraux) leave Days of Our Lives?

Caption : Marci Miller as Abigail Deveraux

Marci Miller (Abigail Deveraux) left Days of Our Lives recently. Kate Mansi stepped in the role after Miller's exit. Why did Marci Miller leave Days of Our Lives? Read on for Days of Our spoilers and know what happened to Abigail and Chad on Days of Our Lives.

Why did Marci Miller leave Days of Our Lives?

Marci Miller left Days of Our Lives in November 2018. Her last appearance was on November 19. She reportedly left the NBC show to focus on other projects.

In July 2018, she began working on the pilot for a new series called Gods of Medicine. She hasn't revealed if the show has been picked up or canceled. In an interview with Digital Journal in December, she had revealed that she would be working on a new movie in January 2019. Miller hasn't yet revealed details of her new movie. 

What happened to Abigail and Chad on Days of Our Lives?

After Marci Miller's exit on the soap, Kate Mansi returned to the role of Abigail Deveraux. She had previously portrayed the role from 2011 to 2016. 

"Chabby" has had a rocky relationship on Days of Our Lives. Chad once faked a brain tumor to get back together with Abigail. When she found out, she was furious. She ended up having encounters with both of Chad's brothers!

Abigail Deveraux and Chad DiMera

Abigail then almost died trying to save her man from Dario Hernandez (Jordi Vilasuso). Chad also risked his life for Abigail while saving her from Ben Weston (Robert Scott Wilson). Abigail faked her death and abandoned him. Their relationship further crumbled after Andre DiMera died because of Abigail. 

It hasn't been a smooth sailing for Abigail and Chad but Days of Our Lives spoilers indicate that the couple is heading for a reconciliation.

Days of Our Lives Spoilers: Abigail and Chad finally reunite

Kate Mansi as Abigail Deveraux

Abigail is furious at Chad for not believing her about not having another DID episode. He is going to have a hard time being forgiven by his ex-wife. But he loves Abigail is willing to do anything.

Spoilers indicate that Abigail and Chad will find their way back to each other and we'll be saying goodbye to the popular couple. Abigail and Chad will reunite on Valentine's Day in 2019.

Kate Mansi has confirmed that she's leaving the show in February 2019 so this coincides with the departure of her character. Billy Flynn, who portrays Chad, is also reportedly leaving Days of Our Lives in 2019. Looks like Abigail and Chad are finally getting their happily ever after.

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