Mekia Cox (Robin Charles) returning to Chicago Med

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Mekia Cox, who portrays Robin Charles on Chicago Med, is returning to the show after almost a year. Read on to know more on Robin Charles returning to Chicago Med and what happened to Robin Charles on Chicago Med.

Mekia Cox returning to Chicago Med as Robin Charles

Mekia Cox is back on Chicago Med after a year. She recently surprised fans with a photo of herself back in the Chicago Med studios. On January 16, 2019, she posted a photo of herself as Robin Charles and captioned it, "Guess who's back #chicagomed @nbcchicagomed."

The official Twitter for Chicago Med also posted the same photo of Mekia on January 17. The caption reads, "Guess who's making her way back to #ChicagoMed?"

Mekia Cox returns to Chicago Med

Fans are ecstatic with her return and  reacted to the news in the comments.  "Thank you for saving this show. They finally heard me when I said bring Robin back," wrote one fan. Another wrote, "This is exciting. But I know it's not a long term gig but I am going to enjoy it while you're on there that's for sure."

Majority of fans are demanding Mekia's character get back together with Conor. That means breaking up Conner and Bekkar!

What happened to Robin Charles on Chicago Med?

Mekia Cox left Chicago Med in early 2018. The writers wrote a benign mediastinal teratoma into Robin's storyline, after which we saw her head back to her mother's place to deal with her illness.

Mekia Cox as Robin Charles

In real life, Cox was promoted to a series regular on her other show Once Upon a Time. The show is filmed in Vancouver, British Columbia where as Chicago Med shoots in Chicago. It would have been difficult for the actress to go back and forth to continue both shows.

Mekia Cox also got married this year! She tied the knot with Britt Leach on April 28, 2018. The couple welcomed their  baby daughter in December 2018.

Stay tuned for Mekia Cox's Chicago Med air dates! 

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