Is Misfit Garage new season cancelled? Here are the updates on Misfit Garage Season 7

Caption : Misfit Garage cancelled?

Fans are awaiting Misfit Garage's new season in 2019. The show is still to be renewed for Season 7. Read on to know if Misfit Garage is cancelled and more updates on Misfit Garage cast and release dates.

Is Misfit Garage cancelled?

Tom Smith and Thomas Weeks

There is currently no news whether Misfit Garage has been renewed for Season 7 or cancelled. The last season of the series aired in 2018. Misfit Garage Season 6 debuted on the Discovery Channel on May 2, 2018 and aired 13 episodes in total.

We'll definitely keep you posted on all things Misfit Garage. Stay tuned to know if Misfit Garage is cancelled or coming back for Season 7.

Where is the Misfit Garage cast?

The main cast returned for the sixth season in 2018. Thomas Weeks, Tom Smith, John Klump and Josh Paris are the stars at Fired Up Garage, who set out to become the top hot rod shop in Texas.

The cast of Misfit Garage had their start on Richard Rawlings' Gas Monkey Garage in Dallas. Thomas Weeks and Scott McMillan set out to build their own shop after leaving the famous garage. Tom Smith and Jordan Butler joined later on. If the show does come back for Season 7, all of these main cast members will likely make a comeback.

Misfit Garage's Tom Smith

Tom Smith will be making an appearance at the Motorama Custom Car & Motorsports Expo in Toronto. He will be available for a meet and greet on all three dates of the event; March 8, 9  and 10.

Misfit Garage Season 7 release date

All of the previous seasons of Misfit Garage premiered on the Discovery Channel sometime in spring. So, if the show follows the scheduling trend, it is likely that we will see the new season by spring 2019. That being said, Misfit Garage Season 7 has still not be officially announced and we're yet to know if the show has been cancelled.

58 Replies on Is Misfit Garage new season cancelled? Here are the updates on Misfit Garage Season 7

  • Bill Kozak

    Bill Kozak - Reply

    Better show than then the gas monkey show.
  • Harold Woods

    Harold Woods - Reply

    I hope it is coming back. I enjoyed the show
  • Allan

    Allan - Reply

    I like misfit garage alot more than fast n loud!
  • Thomas Bannister

    Thomas Bannister - Reply

    Just want to throw out there that Discovery has always had great shows of car and bike building and you keep doing better . So the Misfits and the Monkeys and American Chopper are the best shows out there . Now you need to pick up Fantomworks from Velocity channel which they let go of . Dan and his crew are at the top of their game when it comes to perfection when building car trucks and anything that has wheels . So if you can help me out and the other fans of Fantomworks we would be extremely grateful if you could help us out and bring back one of the best show out there . Their perfection is flawless ! I thank you from the bottom of my heart and so does the rest of Fantomworks fans . Remember I've been watching since Jessie James was on you channel . I couldn't believe what I was seeing a show for us motor Jockies and you were the first to start this amazing journey for us viewers . Thanks again for the enjoyment you have given me through the years and keep up the great work you have done to bring great viewing to our Televisions .

  • Martin Day

    Martin Day - Reply

    Hope the show hasn't been cancelled - they have a big following in the UK. That said, we are only up to Season 3 over here, so it the makers can do anything to get Season 4 onward onto UK screens, it would please a lot of people...
  • JIM

    JIM - Reply

  • Jason Pauley

    Jason Pauley - Reply

    Love the show can we see a Ford bronco upcoming show be cool see a build
  • Lisa

    Lisa - Reply

    My husband got me hooked on Misfit Garage, but the guys on the show made me want to watch it. I am so not a car person, but shows like Misfit,Grease Monkey, not only are they entertaining but I feel like I am learning things. Please bring back Misfit!!!
  • Roger Slone

    Roger Slone - Reply

    Misfit/Fired Up Garage is a damn good muscle car show with down to earth mechanics. Tom and Thomas compliment each other when finding the muscle crown jewels of the 60s and 70s. Hopefully the knuckleheads from Discovery decides to work with the cast of Fired Up Garage and compensates these guys and gals for their services.
  • Billy Sandridge

    Billy Sandridge - Reply

    Please bring this show back to love it

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