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Sean Milliken was one of the former cast members of TLC’s reality TV series, My 600-Lb Life. He was featured on the show’s fourth season which aired between January to May of 2016. Sean passed away recently on February 17, 2019, at age 29. Was it only obesity that caused Sean’s death? Or was there any other reason? Read on to find out.

Sean Milliken’s father Matt Milliken confirmed his death on Facebook

Matt confirmed the death of his son by sharing the sad news on Facebook. In the emotional post, Matt explained what was happening with Sean in the last few days.

Matt wrote, “Sean was admitted into the hospital a couple days prior, because of an infection. Sunday he was having problems with his breathing, they were able to resuscitate him and a short time later his heart stopped.”

The grieving father described his late son as “a good man with a good heart.” He went on to say that his son lost the battle but is now free to live with his mom. He said, “They are both at peace now; in my mind a lot better place without the struggles we have with our bodies on earth!"

Sean was living by himself in an apartment in Texas during his later days. He had moved there in hopes of being qualified for weight-loss surgery at a clinic in Houston.

Sean Milliken blamed his parents for his over-weight

Sean appeared on the TLC’s reality program for only one episode but he went on to become quite famous for his bratty attitude. 

According to Hollywood Life, Sean blamed his parents for his eating habits. Talking about his father, in particular, he said that his father was abusive and often yell at him, which would scare him. So, he would eat to make himself feel better. 

Later, when he was in high school, he suffered a serious leg injury, which left him unable to walk for some time. During this period, he put on a lot of weight and reached 400 pounds.

Sean said, “I kept going to food to deal with those feelings. I would get out of school and my mom would be at work, so I would just come home and go straight to the fridge. I’d eat everything and anything I could get my hands on. I started gaining probably 50 pounds a year.”

Sean’s mother, Reene Milliken, passed away in 2017 due to some kind of kidney problem. Renee was often over-protective towards her son. The show’s doctor, Dr. Nowzaradan, even accused her of actually being counter-productive to Sean’s weight loss. The doctor even warned her that her showing too much love for his son could “very well cause Sean’s death.”

Reportedly, it was Renee who had pressured Sean to move to Houston to prepare himself for weight-loss surgery but Sean was not sure that it was a right decision to make. He was extremely nervous and worried that he would be hours away from help in case he suffers from any kind of injuries.

Sean Milliken wasn’t sure he would live past 30

Sean was 919 pounds when he appeared on the show, making him the heaviest person to be featured on the show. Over the years, he lost more than 396 pounds. Renee once told Daily Mail that her son needed to be taken care of from head to toe. This worried Sean that he would not be able to live past 30. 

Following Sean’s death, his friend, Ashley Boone, spoke to Radar Online. She said that Sean would always be remembered as a “special guy.” She said, “He was definitely a loner and kept to himself but once you knew him he opened up and showed his witty side. He was extremely funny, artistic and kind."

Boone also opened up about Sean’s health condition in the last years. She revealed that he was greatly affected by his mother’s death. Boone said, "I think it changed him because he had to become independent which he'd never been before.” She added that Sean depended on social security checks to pay for his living arrangements.

Sean’s death marks the fifth My 600-Lb Life cast to past away over the years and the third one in the last six months.

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