Is Netflix The Half of It star Daniel Diemer (Paul Munsky) dating anyone? Daniel Diemer wiki, girlfriend, height

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Who is Daniel Diemer's girlfriend? Get used to hearing Daniel Diemer's name everywhere as he is the star of the latest Netflix rom-com The Half of It, which stars Leah Lewis and Alexxis Lemire. Daniel stars as Paul Munsky who gets a shy introvert Ellie (Lewis) to help him woo his crush Aster Flores (Lemire). Read through our Daniel Diemer Wiki to know his age, height, and bio. Also find out if Daniel Diemer is dating anyone! 

Who is Daniel Diemer? Wiki, age, height, bio

Looks like Daniel Diemer doesn't have a wiki as of yet. Here's everything we know about The Half of It actor so far.

Daniel Diemer was born and raised in Brentwood Bay, British Columbia. His age has been revealed. He turned 23 in 2020. Growing up, Diemer dreamed of a career in sports but fate had other plans for him. The actor once had a promising international soccer career but he had to change paths down the road.

Diemer says his towering height of 6 foot 4 inches led him to lose his speed. He was still determined to be involved in sports so he turned to tennis. His father, Greg Diemer, was a coach who trained competitive tennis players.

Before he could reach university level, Diemer unfortunately blew out his back and that ended his hopes for any athletic career. However with a 4.0 GPA, Diemer had no trouble getting into college. He enrolled in pre-med but dropped out to pursue more creative work.

He ended up graduating from the Victoria Academy for Dramatic Arts in 2016 with a diploma in film and TV acting. In his early acting career, he landed roles around Vancouver.

Daniel Diemer movies and TV shows

Daniel Diemer Leah Lewis

Diemer got his break starring as Cole in the Facebook web series Sacred Lies, which opened doors for the up and coming actor. He also landed a role in the fourth season of the history drama series Man in the High Castle on Amazon Prime.

“That was an incredible creative team. They are stunningly nuanced in how they approach the period piece. The entire team cared tremendously about the work, said Diemer.

In March 2019, it was revealed that Diemer had landed the lead role in an upcoming Netflix teen romance The Half of It. With the popularity of The Half of It, we're sure that we'll be seeing more of Diemer very soon. “Really I’d love to get established in the U.S. and do international projects with creatives at the highest level,” said Diemer of his future prospects.

Daniel Diemer stars as Paul Munsky on Netflix's The Half of It

Daniel Diemer with The Half of it Cast

Daniel Diemer is best known for his starring role in the coming of age romance comedy The Half of It. He stars as Paul Munsky, a high school footballer who wants to woo his crush by writing her love letters. So he gets the shy, straight A student Ellie Chu to write them for him. 

Nancy Drew actress Leah Lewis portrays Ellie Chu while Alexxis Lemire plays Aster Flores, the girl whom both Ellie and Paul like. The Half of It drops on Netflix on May 1, 2020.

The cast for the Half of It include Wolfgang Novogratz from Sierra Burgess is A Loser and actress Catherine Curtin from Orange is the New Black and Insecure. The Matrix actor Collin Chou plays Elli’s father, Edwin. Enrique Murciano and Emmy nominated actress Becky Ann Baker are also on the cast.

Already there is a huge buzz for the movie because of the queer Asian American representation. The cast of The Half of It are also excited for the audience to see the movie as they have been busy promoting the movie on their Instagram.

Daniel Diemer Girlfriend: Who is Daniel Diemer dating?

Daniel Diemer girlfriend

The Victoria actor is indeed dating someone. Daniel Diemer is currently dating Larissa Dias. You can easily view the relationship on Diemer's Instagram where he has posted photos of his girlfriend. By the looks of it, they began dating sometime round mid 2019. Larissa is also an actress who had a role in The CW series Supernatural. 

Daniel Diemer and his girlfriend aren't amongst the ones who hide their relationship. Larissa has even met Diemer's The Half of It cast members including Leah Lewis. We'll be sure to update our Daniel Diemer wiki for any updates from the actor.

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